www.Manulife.ca/groupbenefits – Access Your Manulife Group Benefits Online

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Are you a customer of Manulife Group Benefits? Want to access your group benefits plan online? If yes, try to visit www.Manulife.ca/groupbenefits, where you can find the correct information about your plan and view your statements online.

How to access:

Visit www.Manulife.ca/groupbenefits, select “Plan Member” and enter your contract number correctly, then you can access your plan account. You can view the general information about your plan, and click the “Electronic Claim Statement” link to view your statements online.

For more information, visit www.manulife.ca/groupbenefits.

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20 comments on “www.Manulife.ca/groupbenefits – Access Your Manulife Group Benefits Online

  1. Mamta Pandey

    I am trying to access my manulife account by plugging my plan contract # & member certificate # but cannot getting in. Please help me out.Thanks

  2. roger pittman

    i am trying to change my beneficiary I am having great difficulty in doing so online please mail me the proper form to do so my address is 9montgomery street apt2 corner brook nl a2h 2p8 thank you!

  3. sam lamb

    would you please mail the forms for eye glasses i am having trouble with my printerthank you sam lamb

  4. Wendy

    I was building an rrsp through the company I was working for since 2007 I am wondering how I can access my money now that I am no longer with that company.

  5. nicemandan

    Wow, I can’t believe the number of people who posted on here with their own name and benefit account details. Maybe I’ll call myself Ken Malegowski and go for some massage therapy.

  6. ellen e verch

    am i covered for bio-identicals topical compound for hormonal replacement therapy

  7. Nevin Setaram.

    Please help me ,sign on for direct deposit.#0080138.
    Certificate #380888. Ford Motor Company of Canada LTD.
    If you can do the registeration for me, I can send a void check, with my claims, or
    send it immediately ,if you so require, i am no too familar with computor.
    Royal Bank of Canada, “530″ 06532..003; 536;840;2
    Please let me know if you will do this for me ,and let me know, whom i can send the void check to.thanks.
    Please e-mail me if further info . is required.
    Nevin Setaram

  8. terry hockridge

    I filed a claim for eye glasses but got a reply that I wasn’t eligible when I actually am eligible . What other information is required or can I get an explanation why I am not covered ?

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