www.Kohls.com/survey – Enter Kohl’s Survey & Get Your 10% Off Coupon

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www.Kohls.com/survey is the exclusive online place to enter Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey. If you visited Kohl’s store recently and receive a receipt that asking you to take part in the survey, just check out the provided link in your web broswer and follow the instructions to complete it.

Upon your completition of the Kohl’s survey, you may have a chance to receive a money off coupon for your next visit.

To see more details, visit www.Kohls.com/survey and start your survey now!

Any questions, call Kohl’s customer service number (866) 887-8884 or contact email here.

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59 comments on “www.Kohls.com/survey – Enter Kohl’s Survey & Get Your 10% Off Coupon

  1. Judy Stream

    I am very disappointed you stop carrying my sneakers..the Niki View II 7.5 I have bought them at least a couple of times through the last three years.

    No Warner panties size L in White or Pink HiCut Briefs style 5150 didn’t have it in the Kois either

    I like size Petite ..they always stuff on the rack no room to find the sizes.

    I like the turtle neck nice smooth sweaters (Craft Barrow) didn’t see any.

    I am sick of comforters…I want a bedspread…not everyone wants comforters.

    Looking for a washable kitchen rug…light pretty colors..again, not everyone has stainless steel and dark wood kitchens.

  2. Marlene Wanzer

    I shopped at store 0304 access code: 6894-0300-4474-9505 and promised the clerk I would fill out the survey. There are so many I don’t know which one so will comment here. I was very, very pleased with the lady that checked me out. She was professional and at the same time friendly and effecient. She worked wuickly and yet made me feel like a “special” customer. I will definately be back – soon. Thank you.

  3. B. L.

    I recently purchased a man’s suit at store 0765 in Leom., MA. Before we started the transaction, I asked the sales girl to scan a bank gift card to see if I had any money left on it. The card was empty, so she took the card to dispose of it for me. I then used another bank gift card, a Kohl’s merchandise return card, and my debit card to make the purchase. The salesgirl took the two other gift cards as well since they were now used. Unfortunately, I had to return the suit the next day. I had no problem in returning the suit, but the money was put on one of the gift cards that I gave to the sales girl at the time of my purchase instead of on my debit card. I was told the refund went on the debit card, but as I was leaving the store, I decided to check the numbers on my card. The numbers did not match, so I went back to the return desk. I showed the woman the unmatched numbers and explained that the money must have gone on to the bank gift card. The woman helping me asked another employee, Karen, what to do. Karen went to the back and checked to see if she could find the gift card that matched the numbers that my customer service rep. had given to her. Karen found the card that matched the numbers given to her. I pointed out to the customer service rep. that the numbers still did not match, but I don’t think she thought I knew what I was talking about. I suppose she thought it would be OK since she sent me off.
    I went home, but it still bothered me that the numbers did not match. I called the store that night and asked to speak to a manager who would understand the situation. I was transferred to Sarah McNair. I explained the situation to her and after asking for the numbers on my return receipt, she looked up the transaction. She realized that my refund had been put on the first bank gift card that I had the original salesgirl scan only to find it had no balance. Because the empty card had been scanned first (and given to the salesgirl to throw away), the refund was automatically put onto that card by the register. I knew something was wrong with the refund and the cards, but I never thought of that first card that had been empty. Ms. McNair found the problem and asked if there had been another gift card that I tried to use or have scanned. I told her yes, and explained what I had asked the original salesgirl to do. She explained that the computer/register put the refund on the first card of the transaction. Ms. McNair then went to find my card. She asked if I would like to come in to the store to pick it up, or if she could send it to me. I asked her to please send it, and I received it in the mail yesterday.
    What could have been a small financial loss for me (but a reason never to return to Kohl’s) has become a testimonial to one of your employees, Sarah McNair. It was because of Sarah’s understanding of her job, her kindness and concern for a Kohl’s customer, and her dedication to Kohl’s and their reputation that turned my potentially upsetting situation into a Kohl’s success story. The Kohl’s Department Store chain is fortunate to have such a kind and consciencious woman on their managerial staff. It is my hope that this comment brings her the recognition that she is certainly due. As you know, your staff is the backbone of your company. With knowledgable, conscientious, caring, and kind employees like Ms. Sarah McNair, Kohl’s will continue to thrive in this economy. Thank you, Ms. McNair for your excellent customer service and help. I hope that your selfless service to Kohl’s and their loyal customers is rewarded by your employer; you deserve it!!!


    My wife and I shopped again today at Kohl’s in Colonie NY 12305 and were very pleasantly surprised. We shop there regularly but lately my wife is in a wheelchair and many times it is a stressful situation when a customer can’t help themselves. Two ladies helped her find a pocketbook and were so kind it was a pleasure to shop. Today was a day of bargains, we spent $71.54 and the receipt said we saved $110.54. Keep it up…..Thanks J.McKee

  5. rich

    they created checkout lines when there wasnt a line to get in linemmmmmmmmmmmmm what will you do at xmas a line to get in line to getin line to check out

  6. Lindy Evans

    I was in the Kohl’s store in Mooresville, shopping for a bra. The sales rep, named Loe, was so helpful and courteous. She went thru racks and racks of merchandise, searching for the one that I was looking for. Then she accompanied me to the kiosk to special order the item because of the particular need I had. Also a rep named Stephanie was also very helpful and as focused as Loe was. They made the experience so seamless and time saving. Thanks to both those ladies!!

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