www.Kmart.com/layaway – Shop for Kmart Online Layaway Program

“Shop now, Pay later”. Do you want to do like that? This is what Kmart layaway program do. It’s a pretty popular option in holiday seasons. Almost everything can be bought in Kmart layaway program. If you want to buy something out of your current price range, you can try this program. You should bring your items to the Kmart layaway counter in the store or add to your shopping cart online at www.Kmart.com/layaway. They will save them for you in the storeroom and allow you to make payments every two weeks online or at any Kmart.

Interest isn’t charged, but Service Fee is charged in the program. The amount of Service Fee depends on your contract: $5 for an 8-week contract or $10 for a 12-week contract. Your items can be picked up until they are completely paid off. Once you want to cancel your items, you can get your money back by paying a small sum of Cancellation Fee. The Fee is $10 for an 8-week contract or $20 for a 12-week contract. Online cancellations are not allowed, they can only be made in the store where you opened the contract.

Now go to the website www.Kmart.com/layaway and follow the links and instructions to make a purchase by placing an item from the Kmart online store in Layway, you could have a chance to win one of 12,350 $500 Kmart gift cards. See details from here.

Here are some tips for buying on Kmart layaway:

Keep in mind that the store has your money and merchandise until you pay in-full. If the store is bankrupt and you are still in the process of payment, you would lose both the cash and goods. So it is advisable to deal with reputable businesses.

Besides, when you are going to the store to make a payment, you’d better use direct in-out method. Walk into the store directly to make the payment without a extended stay in the shop full of various products. Once you overstay, the chances of opening your wallet to shop greatly increase.

See more details at www.Kmart.com/layaway!!