www.Johndeerehat.com – Get Your Free John Deere Owner’s Edition Hat

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Buy John Deere equipment recently? If yes, you can now go to the website www.Johndeerehat.com or www.Johndeere.com/getmyhat to request your exclusive John Deere Owner’s Edition hat.

How to request:

Check out one of the above links, enter your customer ID (located in the yellow box located in the middle-left portion of your mailer) and postcode and click on the “Login” button, then it ask you to provide your detailed address so that they can send the hat to you.

Click here to start now!

Please note: For U.S. Customers, you should enter the first five digits of your zip code. And for the Canada Customers, you should enter the first six character postal code.

More questions, please visit www.Johndeerehat.com or call John Deere customer service number at (+1)800-537-8233.

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74 comments on “www.Johndeerehat.com – Get Your Free John Deere Owner’s Edition Hat

  1. Andy Zaleha

    I mailed the coupon for my free hat 2 months ago, still haven ‘t received it , but from the comments, I see that I am not alone. Please send my green hat to :
    Andy Zaleha
    50899 Sarahsville Road
    Sarahsville, OH 43779

  2. Don Elkins

    I mailed my coupon over 2 months ago. Where is my hat?

  3. Don Elkins

    Where is my hat? It’s been about 4 months now. I repeat, Where is my hat ?????? Don Elkins. 3406 Corvair Dr. High Point, N.C. 27265

  4. Bernard Legner

    I have entered my customer ID#PE3418891A and the first five numbers of my zip code 61764. Both are correct but I keep getting my customer ID or my zip code are invalid. WHY?

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