Register for The Home Depot Extended Protection Plans Online

The Home Depot Extended Protection Plans is a service provided by Home Depot that allows you to enjoy extended protection after a product purchase in Home Depot. It’s in addition to the manufacturer’s protection. It is a good choice to purchase the plan at the same time you purchase your item. If you opt to not purchase it at that time, you have up to 30 days to purchase one.

When you have bought a major appliance in Home Depot, you must make sure the Home Depot Extended Protection Plan is available and register it by online, e-mail or phone. Plus, collecting a receipt for your plan is necessary to register.

How to register:

First, the website link is where you need to go. Then find and click “Register Your Plan,” select the item that is covered by the plan.

Second, enter your personal details into the required blankets to create an account and then click on the section marked, “Get Started”.

Third, follow the instruction to continue filling in your personal information and product information. After that, you can click “Finish” to complete the process of registration. If you still have another appliance to register, please click “Add Another”.

Click here to register online now!

You can dial 877-843-3777 when you have questions about the plan or the sign up process.

By registering, you can get faster and easier service. Once you need it, call 1-877-THD-EPPS to schedule an in-home appointment with one of their qualified service providers.