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Did you receive a rebate offer from hhgregg store? Have you already submitted your rebate form? If yes, you can go to the website www.Hhgreggrebates.com to track your rebate online anytime you want.

How to track your rebate:

About 6-8 weeks after your submission, you can start tracking your rebate online at this website. Just visit www.hhgreggrebates.com in your web browser and enter your Tracking Number, your name and zip code, or company name, then click on the “Search” button to get the status of your rebate.

You can also use this website to check the balance of your hhgregg Rebate prepaid card you’ve received. Just click on the card button on the left or visit https://www.hhgreggrebates.com/rebatecard directly, then enter the 16-digit card number to login your card account.

Check your card balance now!

To see more information about your rebate, click here to see Rebate Center FAQs!

If you have other more questions concerning your rebate, you can also visit the website and contact them online by clicking on the contact us page.

About hhgregg:

hhgregg is a chain of retailer stores that mainly sell consumer electronics and home appliances in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast United States. Here you can purchase a wide range of products, such as LED TVs, Computers and Tablets, DVD recorders, gaming systems, refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, freezers, washers, and more.

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  1. Lee McCormick | November 19, 2014 at 10:22 am |

    Ned balance on rebate card. Cannot get on line or by phone
    Please send balance credit showing

  2. constance cooper | March 22, 2015 at 5:25 pm |

    I want to know if there is a balance on my card.The number is 4754270171119323

  3. constance cooper | March 22, 2015 at 5:52 pm |

    I want to know if ther is a balance on my card.The number is 4754270171119323 and can you send the balance to my email.

  4. This is unbelievable!!! I went to use the rebate card today at Publix and it said “expired”. The lady read the card that says that” funds do not expire but fees apply”, but she couldn’t get a positive answer . I come home and try to talk to someone but there is no way that you can talk to a person; just instructions that didn’t help me at all. I finally decide to check how much I have left and SURPRISE !!!! the balance is $49.99 from supposedly $79.99. The expiration was 4/16 but you people charge monthly before it expires. This was the first time that we make a purchase at your store and God willing it will be the last one. This is a rip-off !!!!!!

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