www.GreenDot.com/activate – Activate Green Dot Prepaid Card Online

If you have received a new Green Dot Prepaid Card, you should go to the website www.GreenDot.com/activate  to activate your card first before you start using it. The activation process will help you create an online account to let your manage your card easily.

How to activate your card online:

To activate your prepaid card, you should make sure you’re the primary cardholder to do it. Please have your card handy and open the above mentioned website in a standard web browser. On the page, you need to provide the 16-digit Card number, 3-digit security code (on the back of your card), your last 4  and your 4-digit PIN. Enter them correctly to continue, then enter your personal information to complete the activation process.

Click here to start the activation

Need more help, visit www.greendot.com/activate and click on the “Help” tap or call the Green Dot customer service number at 1-866-795-7605.

What is Green Dot Prepaid Card?

The Green Dot Prepaid Card is a prepaid card that you can use anywhere debit MasterCard or Visa cards are accepted worldwide. You don’t need personal credit to apply the card. And you should add money to your Card in order to use it. The Card can be used at ATMs and can also be reloaded (more money can be added to them). Your purchases and ATM withdrawals are debited from your Card balance. Click here to learn more>>

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  1. Daisy Johnson | November 3, 2011 at 3:34 pm |

    I need to know whether or not I activated my green dot Visa card correctly .

  2. this website is trash it needs to be fixed so you go stright to activate card or reload

  3. This is ridiculous. How do I activate my card..3 simple steps… I think not.

  4. greendot is a freeken bunch of sandniggas pulling a scam on the UNITEDSTATES. AS SOON AS I GET MY MONEY OFF THIS CARD IM GONNA BURN IT! and i will spead the word. ps. F YOU

  5. It’s better to just call….. This website is trash!!!!!

  6. Greendot is a freeken scam soom as I get my money off this card I will burn it Please do not buy this card is trash trash trash trash. this is rediculous how to activate this card please I want my Money back

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