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Posted in: Restaurant By on April 3, 2012

Are your a regular customer of T.G.I. Friday’s? If yes, why not join the T.G.I. Friday’s Give Me More Stripes Program. With the program, you’ll earn stripes every time you eat at participating T.G.I Friday’s locations. If you get enough stripes, then you can use them to redeem for great rewards from T.G.I. Friday’s.

In general, $1 spent = 1 stripe and100 stripes can be used to redeem a coupon for free food worth up to $8. So what are you waiting for? Just go to the website www.GiveMeMoreStripes.com to register online or visit your local T.G.I Friday’s store to make your request.

And now join GiveMeMoreStripes.com, you can get a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert first. More exclusive deals for members only will sent to you each month via email.

Learn more about the program from http://www.givememorestripes.com/!

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