www.Garmin.com/activatecard – Redeem Your Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Card

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If you received a Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Update Card with your purchase of Garmin nüvi GPS device, you should go to the website www.Garmin.com/activatecard to activate your card and get your free lifetime for your device.

You will need the following to complete activation process:

• The nüMaps Lifetime update card found in the device packaging

• A Mini/Micro USB cable

• A Computer with an internet connection (high speed internet recommended)

How to activate your card:

1. Turn the card over and get the “Product Key” of your card.

2. Connect your Garmin nüvi device into your computer with USB cable.

3. Open www.Garmin.com/activatecard in your web browser and enter the product key from your card. Then it will then search for your connected nüvi device, once found, select your device to continue.

4. If your device has the latest available map, you will see a “Good news!” screen. If not, you will see a “Ready to download…” page. Then follow the instructions to download and install the latest maps for your Garmin nüvi device.

Click here to activate now!

Here is a PDF user Guide for you. If you need more help, please contact Garmin customer service center (866) 957-1981 or 1-800-800-1020.

About Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Update Card:

The Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Update Card is the most convenient way to pay for the nüMaps Lifetime subscription service. With this card, you can download the most up-to-date map updates for the life of your Garmin GPS device for a one-time fee. There will be no monthly fees or continuing maintenance costs.

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40 comments on “www.Garmin.com/activatecard – Redeem Your Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Card

  1. Richaed Cromie

    My Garmin is a 760 ser # 17A426431

    Please advise if it is subject to the recall and how to proceed. Thx

  2. Debi

    Brought a Garmin nuvi54 but having trouble to activate the lifetime maps card.
    Just displays ‘scanning for devices’ and ‘gathering information’ this has gone on for 2 days leaving it to scan for 4 hours.

    Please help!!!

  3. Willie Van Der Walt

    I can not activate my lifetimemap card on http://www.garmin.com/activatecard, it makes one think to never buy a garmin again really os its the 2nd garmen ive bought and its not easy to update any nmaps, next time i will rather buy another brand. Angry Angry Angry Angry

  4. mourey

    impossible de mettre a jour avec la carte nuMaps lifetime euros ou s adresser pour avoir des explication carte a 89 euros cordl

  5. HarryBertram

    Habe ein Navi 1490T Karten-uptates geht leider nicht

  6. Vitor Moço

    Gostaria de saber se posso obter um GARMIN 560LMT e continuar com a mesma conta de actualização vitalícia que tenho no meu GARMIN NUVI 255W.
    O meu GARMIN NUVI 255W tem o Nº de série 1C6259578 e o Nº de activação é o Nº ZR9GEBHD.

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