www.Fandango.com/promo/oneblood – Redeem Your OneBlood Promotional Code Online

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If you donated your blood to your local Blood Center and received a Fandango OneBlood promotional code, you can go to the website www.Fandango.com/promo/oneblood or www.fandango.com/promo/fbc (for Florida’s Blood Centers) to redeem your code into a Fandango movie ticket.

How to redeem:

1. Open the site link www.Fandango.com/promo/oneblood in your web browser.

2.  Enter your zip code to find a theater in your area, then follow the instructions to order your movie ticket. When checkout, enter your OneBlood promotional code to apply to your order.

Click here to redeem your code now!

Please note: Your promotional code is good for up to $12 towards your movie ticket redemption. One time use only.

Learn more from here.

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4 comments on “www.Fandango.com/promo/oneblood – Redeem Your OneBlood Promotional Code Online

  1. Dick

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  2. Ethel Schultz

    I have been trying to redeem two movie tickets to go see Riddick and I canyon get passed the buy ticket button nor redeem the promo code for the ticket. Between me and my friend we have donated blood five times this year each and our tickets expire soon.

  3. Bill WALBY

    your redemption process is one of most non user friendly I have ever been involved in. This will be the second ticket that I will be losing because I cannot get in. your promotion sucks, makes me want to quit donating blood

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