www.EyeCareSurvey.com – Enter Eye Care Survey & Win $1,000 Cash Prize

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If you have purchased a new eyewear at one of the stores of Eye Care Centers of America Inc., such as VisionWorld, EyeMasters or Stein Optical, now you can go to the survey site www.EyewearSurvey.com to leave your opinion about the product or service by completing a brief survey.

To enter the survey, you should have your eyewear receipt at hand as it will ask you to enter the Customer ID number located on the bottom of your receipt. Enter the number correctly and follow the instructions to answer the questions regarding your experience.

At the end of the survey, you will be entered into a quarterly sweepstakes for your chance to win $1,000 cash prize.

Learn more from www.EyewearSurvey.com

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27 comments on “www.EyeCareSurvey.com – Enter Eye Care Survey & Win $1,000 Cash Prize

  1. Juanita Newman

    Kristen is very professional, smart and very nice. This was the first time that I bought glasses at visionworks,but with a nice girl that is knowledgable, like Kristen. that is what sold me. Kristen keep up the good work. Thank You.

  2. Mary Werner

    Trevez met me as soon as I walked in the door with a great smile and a welcome greeting. She was outstanding in her assistance and informed me of great savings offered at that time. I am grateful for that info as I live on a small income. I will certainly go to Visionworks for my next pair of glasses.

  3. natanael rojas

    GRISELDA… Tiene un carisma para con los clientes sin igual la mejor un su clase, amable etc. Da gusto saber q todavia existen personas q hacen con esas cualidades saludos…

  4. George Waterstram

    When I walked in and was met and helped by Rachael it was a very wonderful experience . She was very helpful and had patience with me, while she explained everything to me and made sure I understood all the options and the different lens and which would be the best for me. She was so kind and understanding ,that it made for a very enjoyable time . I am so glad that I do all my eye care at VISIONWORKS ! Thank you RACHAEL (ID 00307-277515)

  5. Terri Warrior

    The process of choosing new glasses creates anxiety for me: a style to live with every day, cost, crowds of customers, impatience, loud, fast talking salespeople. When Rene greeted me and offered his help, I felt I could trust him. He treated me with respect and friendly support. He even brought me a pair that was excellent for me! No agonizing searching. He told me of the sale being offered so I could afford sunglasses too…important for Arizona. Rene is a great employee for your company.

  6. Adrienne Michaelides

    I was very pleases with the service I received at Visionworks. Te sales person Bob was very helpful. I was very pleased with him. I would tell my friends to see him when they need to get glasses.

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