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If you have purchased an Entertainment book, you might find an Entertainment membership card in your book. In order to activate your membership, you should go to the website link www.Entertainment.com/activate and follow the instructions to activate it.
How to Activate:
Typy www.Entertainment.com/activate (or www.Entertainment.com/register)  in your web browser, fill out the online form with your email address, membership card number (you can find it on the card your received), then click the “Begin Activation” button to activate it.

If you have trouble in activating your book, contact their Customer Service team. They’ll help you resolve the problem quickly.

Benefits of Entertainment Book Membership:
You can get the member-only 50% off and 2-for-1 coupons for your next purchase.
You can get many great discounts and coupons for Entertainment’s partner merchants, including Orbitz.com, Target.com, Shoes.com, Borders.com, and more.
You can get deep discounts on your airfare, hotel and rental car, and cheap tickets for movies, sporting events, concerts & more.
You can receive E-mail updates featuring new discounts, savings tips and special Entertainment promotions.

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