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If you’re EBT or WIC EBT cardholder in the State of Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, or Virginia, you can go to www.EBT.acs-inc.com to manage your card account online.

What is EBT Program?

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is an Assistance Program that you can get food stamp benefits and cash benefits from your State Government by a plastic debit card. So if you’re qualified with the program, you will be assigned a EBT card. Then you can use the card to make purchases at participating retailers. In the State of Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia, the card is issued by ACS Inc.

How to manage your card online:

If you’re the first time user of EBT.acs-inc.com, you should create an user account first. Just go to the website, select your state and follow the instructions to register.

If you have registered already, visit www.EBT.acs-inc.com, select your state, and login your account with your use ID and password. Then you can view your account balance and the transaction history online. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Links for You:

Maryland EBT cardholders: https://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/miebt/

Michigan EBT cardholders: https://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/okebt/

Ohio EBT cardholders: https://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/ohebt/

Oklahoma EBT cardholders: https://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/mdebt/

Virginia EBT cardholders: https://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/vaebt/

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5 comments on “www.EBT.acs-inc.com – Manage Your ACS Inc EBT Card Online

  1. patricia surles

    can t get into the ebt too see when my food stamps will change & what balance is ???? please help thanks

  2. Darla Duke

    I need a prito out of food stampsreceived for the past 30 days. How can Iget it?
    I need it by today.

    Thank you,
    Darla Duke


    I recceived a letter telling me my complete report had not been received. That report was mailed at least three weeks ago. I have tried to call and could never get through.
    I was told to go to this web site. This doesn’t look right to me but it’s the best I could find.
    card# was:5076-8000-3304-1268
    Charlotte Guetter (charlyguetter@yahoo.com)

  4. Steven Mascaro

    I am currently refinaciing my home morgage and need to send them info about the amount that I get in food stamps
    how do I go about getting that info to send to them please get back to me ASAP please

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