www.Dyson.com/register – Register Your Dyson Product Online

Dyson is an appliances manufacturer that sells vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, fans and hand dryers. If you’ve just bought a new Dyson product, just go to the website www.Dyson.com/register, you can register to get free warranty on your Dyson machine and access to their expert advice online.

To register, you’ll need:

Machine serial number (Located on the outside of the box, on a sticker on your machine, and inside the box on the registration form.) Where to find serial number

Date of purchase (On your receipt or delivery note.)

If you have the information handy, just click here and follow the instructions to to register your machine within a few minutes.

See more details at www.dyson.com/register!

Need help, call customer service number from your Dyson Operating Manual.

Benefits of Dyson vacuum cleaners:

No additional fee and no need to purchase dust bag or filter – Dyson vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a dust bag and its filter can be used as long as the machine. Since no consumable materials, naturally, there is no additional fee.

Can be used for a long time – Dyson products is produced with the material same as anti-explosion utensils so it’s very durable.

Patented technology – Dyson has over 1,900 patents worldwide to make sure you spend is valuable.

Free Five-year warranty – All Dyson vacuum cleaners are eligible for the five-year warranty, including parts and labor.