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If you have ordered an as seen on TV product and received a message telling you to check your order status online at this website www.CustomerStatus.com, it means that your product will be processed and sent to you by The Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation, a company specializing in direct-to-consumer order processing and fulfillment service. With their online checking system, you can learn the status of your order anytime and anywhere.

How to Check Your Order Status:

It’s very easy to use. Just check out the link www.CustomerStatus.com in a standard web browser, then you can see the checking box. There are 5 checking methods you can choose from. You need to enter two or three of these criteria: Last Name, Order Number, Email address, Credit Card, Phone Number and Zip Code.

Just select one method you wish and enter the required information, then click the “Search” button. You can get your order status immediately.

Click here to start checking now!

The system is available for your orders of these products: Aqua Rug, Cami Shaper, Flexable Hose, Forever Comfy, Genie Bra, Hot Huez, HealthMaster, hot buns, Jason Vale Fusion Juicer, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, Magic Mesh, Micro Touch Max, Potato Express, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Perfect Tortilla, StufZ, WAXVAC Ear Cleaner, Wipe New, Wraptastic, and much more.

If you have any questions, just contact the customer service phone provided by the merchant to get more help.


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13 comments on “www.CustomerStatus.com – Check Your Order Status Online

  1. yetta harris

    ordered from TV back harness to straighten posture….do not have tracking number..or phone number ..do not know when it will be received…i have paid by Visa

  2. Richard Seguin

    My order number 76854201617221015 arrived today and I did not have to sign for it. The driver left and upon closer look at the packaging in a plain cardboard box I noticed that the box had been opened and retaped closed , My order was to be 2 Corvex Red 9.5 fry pan w/lid red f/e, 1 fragile sticker, 1 free corvex 9 in red w/lid.. However all I Received were the 2 9.5 fry pans w/lid red f/e nothing else . What is the status for the free corvex 9 in red w/lid frypan.


    Ordered perfect cooker 2 days ago, called to cancel and was told I cannot cancel, it gas been shipped. When I
    ordered I was told 3 weekks at a shipping cost of 9.95. Long time for shipping and now I am told it has been
    shipped , but will not arrive until Oct. 12th. I can purchase at a retail store and receive free shipping for
    $29.98. Big difference, please contact your shipper and cancel my order. Thank you!
    Order #2008 289 437

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