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If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and want to apply for the specific health and human service programs such as Medical Assistance, Cash Assistance, Food Stamps and Home Energy Assistance, you can visit the Pennsylvania COMPASS website www.Compass.state.pa.us to learn the programs’ benefits, check your eligibility and submit your application online anytime and anywhere.

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If you’re already a user of COMPASS, you can login your account to renew your benefits, check your application status, manage your profile, and more.

Check out www.Compass.state.pa.us to get your benefits now!

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16 comments on “www.Compass.state.pa.us – Apply for Pennsylvania Food Stamps Online

  1. Alex Volkov

    I am full time student and I just want to find out if I am eligible for food stamps and i don’t work because i was told by my case worker that only part tome students eligible for food stamps.

  2. nicolette ventura

    I received a notice that my benefits have been withdrawn per my written request. I never requested that they be canceled. I found out when I went to the doctors today and they told me. Can they be reinstated?

  3. Shame on you

    It has taken over a month to get any help whatsoever from these folks. I hope they are enjoying Christmas Eve while I have no money and am being hounded by PP&L. Ms. Mangaroo promised to call me today within a hour and that was hours ago. Merry Christmas to you, too.

  4. Carol Spann

    I tried calling my food stamp card saturday and it told me that I couldn’t use that pin that I was chosing that I had to call the office Monday. So I wait til Monday I try to call the card again cause the office said that it was being worked on over the weekend and well when I called the card it is telling me that I have an invalid card number. Now waiting for my case worker to call me back so I can get this problem solved.

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