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If you’re a Comcast XFINITY Internet Customer and have received a notification for cable modem upgrade, you can go to the website www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade to request your new cable modem online.

How to request:

It’s very simple! Just open this website link www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade and follow the instructions to fill out the  request form with your Comcast Account Number and your personal information. Then Comcast will send you a new modem within 4-6 weeks. There is no need to pay any charge if you return your old modem within 30 days of installing your new modem.

Click here to request now!

Please note: You new cable modem includes a self-installation kit so that you can install it by yourself. You can find all the equipment you need is ready for installation within five business days of your service order. Just within a few steps, you can install and activate your Comcast service quickly and easily with a technician. And if you would like to let Comcast personnel to install your modem, you need to pay an installation fee.

If you don’t receive the self-installation kit, just go to the website www.comcast.com/selfinstall and click on the “how to order” link and follow the instructions to order it online or pick one up at your local Comcast service center.

Click here to see the Self Installation Kit (SIK) FAQs.

To see if your current Comcast cable modem is compatible with your Xfinity Internet service, you can go to the website http://mydeviceinfo.comcast.net and select your Speed Tier to get your result.

For more help, please visit www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade or call customer service at 1-800-XFINITY.

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  1. Roy Plaut

    You are the most annoyingly incompetent company I deal with and I am constantly on the lookout to fire you and replace you with people who know what they are doing. I wasted an afternoon trying to get onto the site you instructed, no luck. Did chat with a guy in a far off land andhe was useless. I called the phone number you gave, waited 40 minutes and then just gave up. Today I went back to the site and I think, not sure, I actually ordered the Modem which I really don’t want. If the instructions come through like everything else from your lousy communications I will just be more frustrated and, to top it off, I am paying you about $3,000 a year for the privilege of having you handle my TV and Internet connections. Am I a happy customer? No! Do I spread my dissatisfaction with a wide group of friends and family-You Bet!

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