www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade – Request Your New Comcast Cable Modem Online

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If you’re a Comcast XFINITY Internet Customer, you can go to the website www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade to request your new cable modem online.

How to request:

It’s very simple! Just open this website link www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade and follow the instructions to fill out the  request form with your Comcast Account Number and your personal information. Then Comcast will send you a new modem within 4-6 weeks. There is no need to pay any charge if you return your old modem within 30 days of installing your new modem.

Click here to start now!

Please note: You new cable modem includes a self-installation kit so that you can install it by yourself. If you would like to let Comcast personnel to install your modem, you need to pay installation fee.

Learn more from www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade

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39 comments on “www.Comcast.com/deviceupgrade – Request Your New Comcast Cable Modem Online

  1. Alpina Chilton

    I bought my modum at Bestbuy, but yet I got a call to upgrade and they would replace it for free. I filled out the email form and sent it already. But if I got my modem at Bestbuy shouldn’t I buy a newer version to upgrade or do I install the one their going to send me? And if I do that, won’t they charge me a rental fee? Can someone give me advice on what to do. I could take the one I bought and buy an uograde version without paying for a modum upgrade rental fee, right?

  2. Pat DeVries

    What is the chg per month and how much to install, I have two modems in my home.
    Thank you, Pat DeVries

  3. john roybal

    Today is October 25th and since I haven’t received my modem yet, I have re-submitted my request. I originally ordered my modem the first week of Septemer. I wonder what the hold up is. It has been more than 6 weeks since I ordered.

  4. robert meiners

    Why isn’t the customer account number on the letter? What is my customer account number?

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