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Posted in: Electronics By on June 28, 2010

Want to check your CMS rebate promotion status online? It’s simple. Just go to the website www.Cmspromocheck.com and click on the “Promotion Status” button to get your results.

To locate your submission, please enter the same information you submitted with your promotion. Include your name, zip code, phone number and TAX ID.

See more FAQS at http://www.cmspromocheck.com/faqs.asp

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15 comments on “www.Cmspromocheck.com – Check Your CMS Rebate Promotion Status Online

  1. r.golasz

    Everyone should contact state reps,better buisness, postal inspectors,liquor comm, transportation etcetera. SOMEONE IS STEELING OR KEEPING OUR MOMEY , THESE PEOPLE OR THE COMPANYS AND THEY MUST BE STOPPED. 1$ here 2$ there adds up to aMILBION or BILON

  2. eleanor moculeski

    Promotion ID:WJD01717 Request#R070990348
    I followed t he directions given to me at the Walgreen’s in Hinsdale.
    Please submit the problem to the above email. Thank you. E.M.

  3. Lee

    Sent Sutter Home wine rebate 11/18 to the following but returned label “return to sender, no such number”:
    CMS Rebate Center
    PO Box 426022
    Del Rio, TX. 78842-6022

    Lee Monssen, Saturday-11/30/13,

  4. Lee

    –>Please, Please reply, 2nd notice, this rebate ends 12/31/13<–
    I issued 1st time 11/30/13 the following:
    Sent (11/18/13) two (2) rebate forms (Lee-2 bottles-1.5L-Sutter wine-$4.00) and a friend-Eda (2 bottles-1.5L-Sutter wine-$4.00) to the following address. Both mailings returned Nov. 26, '13 due to "return to sender, no such number, unable to forward". The address we used as follows:
    CMS Rebate Center
    P.O. Box 426022
    Del Rio, TX. 78842-6022
    Regards, Lee Monssen, 7221 Knox Ave., Richfield, MN. 55423 and
    Eda Altringer, 7200 York Ave. So. Apt#504, Edina, MN. 55435

  5. judith mcallister

    I sent a rebate offer to Monetto “lL” Sparkling Wine Offer for $6 last December 2013 and have not rec’d anything. the offer said 6-8 weeks

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