www.Calottery.com/2ndchance – Enter California Lottery’s 2nd Chance Promotion

Do you often discard your non-winning California lottery ticket? Don’t do it again!! All your non-winning California lottery tickets (Scratchers, SuperLotto Plus and Fantasy 5) still have a second chance to win great prizes with The California Lottery’s 2nd Chance Promotion!

How to enter the promotion:

Just go to the website www.Calottery.com/2ndchance (or www.calottery.com/replay), then select your login non-winning tiket type and click on the corresponding button. Please note, you need to sign in with your calottery.com username and password to continue. (If you have not registered, click here to sign up now!)

Then follow the instructions to enter the required information from your non-winning tickets such as Ticket ID or Entry  Code. Once you submitted,  you will be entered into the corresponding draw. You will receive a second chance to win cash & prizes!

You can enter Scratchers, Fantasy 5 and SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance draws up to a combined 1,000 times per month. Drawings will be held throughout the year, so you can visit this website often to enter your tickets and see if you have won the prizes.

Learn more from www.Calottery.com/2ndchance!

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  2. Disculpe quisiera saber por que no epodido entrar en mi cuenta que tengo de la lotería siempre cuando quería en biar los números de los tickets que siempre escribía y nunca abia tenido ningún problema pero a ora siempre que pongo mi correo y mi contraseña medise que es error inopuedo no seporque y el coreo y la contraseña son las mismas abersi mepueden ayudar a reglar el problema muchas gracias

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