www.Boostmobile.com/activate – Activate Your Boost Mobile Phone Online

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If you have purchased a new phone from Boost Mobile, you can go to www.Boostmobile.com/activate to activate your phone online. It’s the easiest way to get your phone up and running.

How to Activate:

1. Before you go to the website, make sure you have your phone with you. Then visit www.Boostmobile.com/activate, enter your phone information to identify your phone. You can enter the IMEI and SIM ID number, or the ESN/MEID number.

2. After the identification, it ask you to choose your phone number and plan. Choose the best option for you.

3. Enter your information to set up a Boost Mobile Account. If you have an existing Boost account, just login to update your phone information.

4. Review your selections and make a payment. When it shows payment ok, you have completed the activation process. After a period of waiting time, you can start using your phone.

You can also check the status of your activation request from here.

Learn more from www.boostmobile.com/activate

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9 comments on “www.Boostmobile.com/activate – Activate Your Boost Mobile Phone Online

  1. Stephano E. Nsengiyumva

    Your Company has great phones, but I had bought one phone from boostmobile and the only problem with it is that I can’t have an access to viewing TXT messages or go to the World wide Web (Internet). see how you can help me with that because I tried to call to the customer service, but I can’t get hold of them and the phone is still new; no longer than a week I’ve been bought it. Thank you!

  2. gary coley

    activation online stinks and by telephone is not any better. ive spent @3 hours and still cannot activate and i am being told that someone else has registered…that’s me with the incomplete activation!

  3. linda

    Got a live rep. We got disconnected. Now I’m getting busy signal and can’t get back to rep. I just wanted to switch boost model phones and keep my old number. Help me!

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