www.Boostmobile.com/activate – Activate Your Boost Mobile Phone Online

If you have purchased a new phone from Boost Mobile, you can go to the website www.Boostmobile.com/activate to activate your phone online. It’s the easiest way to get your phone up and running.

How to activate your phone online:

Step 1: Before you go to the website, make sure you have your phone with you. Then open the website link www.Boostmobile.com/activate in your web browser, provide the required information to identify your phone. Just enter the IMEI and SIM ID number, or the ESN/MEID number and click the “Start activation process” button on the bottom.

Step 2: After the identification, it ask you to choose your phone number and plan. Choose the best option for you.

Step 3: Enter your information to set up a Boost Mobile Account. If you have an existing Boost account, just login to update your phone information.

Step 4: Review your selections and make a payment. When it shows your payment is ok, you have completed the activation process. After a period of waiting time, you can start using your phone.

Click here to activate now!

You can also check the status of your previously submitted activation request at this website. Just click the “Check your activation status” link on the right of the page, then enter Your Account PIN and Activation Request Number, click on the “Submit” button to check it.

Need more help, please visit www.boostmobile.com/activate or just call the customer service number at 1-866-402-7366.

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  1. Your Company has great phones, but I had bought one phone from boostmobile and the only problem with it is that I can’t have an access to viewing TXT messages or go to the World wide Web (Internet). see how you can help me with that because I tried to call to the customer service, but I can’t get hold of them and the phone is still new; no longer than a week I’ve been bought it. Thank you!

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  4. Please check out this link http://www.boostmobile.com/activate directly!

  5. I need to activate another fone to upgrade I w p.ppgrade

  6. I want to activated my new phone sanyo juno scp2700

  7. activation online stinks and by telephone is not any better. ive spent @3 hours and still cannot activate and i am being told that someone else has registered…that’s me with the incomplete activation!

  8. Got a live rep. We got disconnected. Now I’m getting busy signal and can’t get back to rep. I just wanted to switch boost model phones and keep my old number. Help me!

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