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Do you want to enter the ACME Markets Survey Sweepstakes? If yes, just go to the new survey website www.Acmemarketssurvey.com and follow the instructions to participate in the customer survey. Upon the completion of the survey, you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win $100 ACME Markets Gift Card.

How to enter the ACME Markets Survey:

To start the survey, you should select the store location you visited first. Then select your language and answer the survey questions regarding your shopping experience. At the end of the survey, you need to provide your personal details to receive the entry of their monthly sweepstakes.

Click here to enter now!

It will only take about five minutes to complete all the process.

Please note: You must make a purchase in one of its participating retail locations to participate in the survey. You must have Javascript enabled in your browser in order to take the survey.

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7 comments on “www.Acmemarketssurvey.com – Enter ACME Markets Survey & Win $100 Gift Card

  1. Michael Morris

    I’m not sure but thank you I’ve been going to the Hamilton Acme to my surprise your employees spoke to me . How am I doing Can I help you good morning I’m a single man who loves to cook . it is so great to have someone acknowlege me in the store I could go on but thanks just the fact that your staff says anything good PR and it makes people feel good. my ACME card # is 425058644586 if you can see my spending habits I also like the fact tat you have a versatle crew in a broad range of ages I am security and loss prevention I think you don’t need me but I am available to join your team. Keep doing what you and do a commercial

  2. walt martin

    Dear Sir or Madam : My dear wife , Janice C. Martin (of Columbus , N.J.) just completed some sort of Acme survey . I’d like to not only echo her comments , but add a word or two of my own .
    Yes indeed , walking into the Burlington or Mount Holly Acme Markets produces the feeling of a collective welcoming “hug” . While the prices are , in my opinion , more than competitive , it’s the all pervasive feeling of friendliness by the employees of these stores that makes me feel so welcome . “James” (of the Mt Holly store) is the quintessential example – always a warm smile , a helpful attitude , and , more often than not , a witty joke to brighten my day .
    As for the “old” Bordentown Acme” , with it’s manage on the public address system almost singing the words “Welcome to the Exciting Bordentown Acme !” , I admit to strangle missing that greeting of some 12 or so years ago . I find the “new” Bordentown Acme to be clean , a bit more pricey , but sadly also a bit too … “sterile” and unfortunately missing the friendly atmosphere of the old .
    Well , I thank you for lending an ear . Please know that Jan and I adamantly refuse to shop ( and prices be danged !) at any other supermarket other than those located in Burlington and Mt. Holly , New Jersey .
    Thankfully , walt martin
    Columbus , N.J.

  3. walt martin

    My dear wife , Janice C. Martin , recently completed an Acme Market survey .
    I’d like to add that “James” , of the Mt.Holly (N.J.) store always flashes a warm smile , works with extreme alacrity , and , more often than not , finds the time to brighten my day with a hardy joke or two . The fellow is also blessed with almost infinite patience . Remarkable !
    As forthe “new” Bordentown Acme verses the “old” of perhaps a decade ago , I confess to missing the managers use of the public address system so as to issue a warmly sincere “Greetings Acme shopper , and welcome to the Exciting Bordentown Acme !” . The new store is certainly very clean and well organized , but , sadly , lacks (in my humble opinion) the warmth of the old – perhaps a bit too … “sterile” .
    Anyway , I thank you for listening , and for caring .
    Sincerely , walt martin (Columbus , N.J.)

  4. Dee

    I shop at the Fox Run location and prior to this year, I shopped at the Trolley Square location for 7+ years. The biggest reason I prefer to shop at Acme is that the stores are so nice and clean and well-lit and the meat, fish and produce are always fresh….and you don’t see refrigerator or freezer malfunctions and never get dairy products that have gone bad or refrozen items with ice crystals. Everything is always of far better quality and freshness than any of the other grocery stores….and I think I’ve tried them all at one time or another. And then to boot, the employees have always been very nice, friendly and helpful.
    It’s just a complete turn-off to see off-color or expired meat, fish with dry curled edges, bad produce, items with dust on them, items all mixed up on shelves and not straightened, expired dairy items, broken freezer/refrigerator units, etc……but I have NEVER encountered this at any of the Acme stores.
    The Lancaster meat and the Java Delight coffee beans are far superior to the other stores too. I really enjoy doing my grocery shopping at Acme….and often run in to get an additional one or two things and end up with 10-20.

  5. jacquelyn smith

    I am writing you to convey my thanks to the Deli Staff of the Narberth Acme in
    Narberth, PA for their efforts in preparing 500 pieces of delicious fried chicken
    for a funeral at my church. A special thank you to Carol and Richard for their
    superior service. The order was ready on time and the staff was wonderful in initially helping me place the order to finalizing the transaction and helping me to my car. I know other stores would not have been as accomodating as the staff in Narberth. Job well done!! Thank you.

  6. g.welker

    Your offer made on my receipt for $113.00 is misleading…I cannot connect with anything resembling a place I can apply to be a “weekly winner”!! Now I’ll shop at Walmart….they have groceries too.

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