Verve MasterCard Credit Card Review

The Verve Credit card is offered by Continental Finance Company, which is founded in 2005. It’s one of America’s leading marketers and servicers of credit cards for consumers with less-than-perfect credit. With over a 1.7 million credit cards issued, CFC prides itself on excellent customer service and products with innovative features. CFC is committed to providing their customers with superior value and customer service. Now, Verve Credit Card is issued by Mid America Bank & Trust Company.

If you reveiced a pre-approval invitation of Verve MasterCard Credit Card, just go to the website to complete the rest of application process.

Verve Credit Card’s Key Features:

Annual Fee: For the first year, you need to pay $125, and after the first year, $96 is needed every year. Most secured credit cards charge $39 or less.

APR: The APR rate is around 29.99%.

Monthly maintenance fee: There will be $5 maintenance fee per month. For the first year, this fee is waived.

Credit Limit: Credit limit for this credit card is $500, but like other credit card, your annual fee will be deducted from the credit line. So you will get $375 credit line when you get the card.

How to apply for a Verve Credit Card:

  1. The application is a bit different from other credit card, since you need to get a reservation number, thus getting a reservation number is your first step. Please click the link provided here:
  2. After clicking the link above, click “No Reservation” green button. You will be led to a new page requesting you to fill in your basic information to get the reservation number. Just simply follow the instructions and be patient!
  3. After you get your reservation number, please return to the same page:
  4. This time, enter your reservation number you just got and your SSN as well. Click the green “Confirm Reservation” button, and done!

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