Wells Fargo Unauthorized Account Settlement

“A $142 Million Settlement with Wells Fargo includes customers who had certain Wells Fargo Credit Cards, lines of credit, checking or savings accounts opened or applied for in their name without their permission, or had authorized identity theft protection services from Wells Fargo, from May 1, 2002 to April 20, 2017.
Cash benefits may include:
A payment to compensate you for fees you may have paid in connectionwith unauthorized accounts.
Cash to compensate you for damages caused by harm to your credit.
Plus, any money remaining in the fund, after paying the benefits above and all costs and expenses, will be paid out as additional compensation on a per-account basis.”

Visit www.WFSettlement.com, where provides the registration form and court documents associated with the case. Class members in the WF Settlement case are defined as anyone who between May 1, 2002 to April 20, 2017 had a credit card, lines of credit, checking or savings account opened in their name without their permission. The exact amount of money any one class member will receive at this time is not known and will be based on several factors.Class members do not have to hire a lawyer as the court has appointed the law firm of Keller Rohrback to represent all class members who file timely claims. Attorneys at Keller Rohrback, who negotiated the settlement with Wells Fargo, plan to request 15% of the total settlement fund (which is roughly 21 million US Dollars). Any questions in regards to the WF Class Action Settlement can be directed to the settlement hotline at (866) 431-8549. Class members who want to get an early jump on things can file the online registration form which will notify the class member when the claims filing period begins at the email address provided (or class members can occasionally check wfsettlement.com). Class members who had a damage credit score as a result of the unauthorized accounts will be paid based on a complicated formula.

WFSettlement.com Important Dates

July 8th, 2017: Preliminary Approval Order Granted
Early October 2017: Mailed Notice to Class Members & Online Claims Begin
December 5th, 2017: Deadline to Object or Ask to be Excluded from the Settlement
January 14th, 2018: Settlement Fairness Hearing
February 3rd, 2018: Final day to file a claim