www.Tomtom.com/card – Activate Your TomTom Services Card

If you have purchased a new TomTom Services Card or just found a card included with your purchase of new device, you can go to the website www.Tomtom.com/card to begin the activation process online by follow their step-by-step instructions.

It’s available for: Lifetime Map Update Service card, Onetime Map Update card, LIVE Services Prepaid card, Fuel Price Services Card, and more.

How to activate: 

To start, you should make sure either MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME has been installed and worked well on your computer, depending on the navigation device you have.

If you device is using MyDrive, do the following:

1. Connect your navigation device to your computer. Switch on your device.

2. MyDrive will open automatically in your web browser. If not, click the MyDrive Connect icon to open it.

3. Sign in your Tomtom.com account. If you don’t have one, follow the instructions to create your account.

4. Click on “USE ACTIVATION CODE link. Then you need to select your navigation device by serial number or model.

5. Enter the code from your card, agree the terms and then click “Activate.” Your service is now activated.

If you device is using TomTom HOME, do the following:

1. Connect your navigation device to HOME and log into your TomTom account.

2. Click on “Use my activation code”  and enter your promotion code correctly.

3. As soon as you activate your code, the associated product or service is available for download or update. If it does not start automatically, click “Update my device” in HOME.

Please Note: 

The activation code is valid for a limited time after the first use of your device. So please activate it ASAP.

For people who want to activate your Fuel Price Services card, please don’t go to the website www.Tomtom.com/fuelservice, just go to www.Tomtom.com/card instead.

Need more help, call TomTom customer service number shown on your device user manual.

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  1. segarra philippe | January 16, 2015 at 7:30 am |

    voila acheter mon tomtom go 50 viens d installer my tomtom pour activation de service radar mai rien ne ce passe le logiciel mouline depuis 2 heure et toujours rien commence a regretter d avoit acheter ce produit
    ancien tomtom one marcher mieux .

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