Military Tough LED Taclight Lantern

The Bell+ Howell Military Tough LED Taclight Lantern is a new and innovative tactical LED lantern built especially by military grade standards. This Taclight Lantern has an extremely strong and robust built, and a compact size perfect for storing and travel usage. If you stuck in a situation where you need your phone urgently and have it die on you with the alarming Low Battery alert, it will be a perfect emergency tool for you.



Features of Taclight Lantern:

  • Compact design

Looking at it, it’s hard to believe such a small lantern can be as powerful as it claims. But the designers have taken care to build a highly compact lantern that easily collapses to weigh about only a pound and collapse to the size of a smartphone. It is also resilient and unlike other traditional lanterns, will not break or scratch easily.

  • Water and heat resistance

This feature is really what makes Taclight Lantern stand out on its uniqueness. Taclight Lantern is especially built to withstand extreme temperatures, which means you can use it under water in freezing waters and also in extremely hot environments. This makes it highly beneficial and essential to carry during outdoor activities like   camping, mountain trekking or snowing.

  • Powerful light

Taclight Lantern’s light is so bright and long lasting, it is clearly visible from a distance for 2 miles. This makes it perfect for using at home during emergencies such as power outages or working in dim and poorly lit places.

  • Easy usage

The Taclight Lantern’s resilient design also comes with the option of a magic base that will allow you to attach it to surfaces, like the hood of your car or a wall, making it even more easy to use.


The Taclight LED is the first innovation of its kind in the market, with outstanding features such as its capability to withstand harsh and extreme temperatures. Its easy design and low price make it even more appealing and a must have for every home for all those unforeseen emergencies and also for outdoor use.

How to order Taclight Lantern:

Taclight Lantern can be ordered online through the  secure website There is also an excellent deal of purchasing one TacLight Lantern for $19.95 and getting the second Bonus Lantern for $6.95, along with free processing and shipping. It also provides lifetime guarantee, 30 day refund if you unsatisfied with Taclight’s efficiency, and no additional shipping charges on all orders.

You can also order the Taclight Lantern through Amazon for only $13.44!