Register Your Omron Product Online

If you purchased a new Omron product such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Activate Pedometer or Fitness product, you can go to the website or to register your product online so that you can enjoy the product support easily and quickly. Once you complete the registration, you can receive importation updates, service information and helpful hints related to your product.

How to register your Omron product:

It’s very simple. Just open one of the above website link, enter your product information including Serial Number, Purchase Date, Purchase Price and Purchase Location.

Then provide your personal information, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and so on.

Finally, conform all the information and submit your registration form.

Click here to register now!

About Omron:

Omron is an automation control and electronic equipment manufacturer in Japan, headquartered in Kyoto. With the world’s leading sensing and control technology, it produces and sells the products related to industrial automation, electronic components, automotive electronics, health care and other fields. The most well-known products include electronic blood pressure monitor, pedometer, weight scales, electric toothbrushes and other health fitness products.

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  1. Your link to Omron Product Registration, says “unsecured connection” and no access to any registration for Omron products.

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