Access My Verizon Wireless Account Online

If you’re a customer of Verizon Wireless, whether you are responsible for payments on your personal account or not, will be one of your most frequently used tools. With My Verizon, you can check your usage of date, minutes, and messages, view your call history, and change your account profile. If you’re an account owner, you can change your calling plan, pay your bills, activate your new phone, and more.

 Now Verizon Wireless has launched a brand new My Verizon with more tools and more features. Now you can:
  • Backs up your contacts, ringtones, music and more.
  • Filter unwanted content and manage family usage.
  • Easily check your minute, text and data usage.

And more…

Click here to login and manage My Verizon now!

If you have not registered, click here to sign up. Then enter your mobile number. You will receive a free text message with your PIN. Enter your PIN to create your account and you’re all set. Everything convenience is waiting for you.

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