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Are you a member of Marriott Rewards? Did you stay at Marriott Hotels recently? Do you have any comments about your Marriott Hotels experience? If yes, just go to www.Mymarriottvoice.com to leave your feedback by participating in their guest experience survey. Once you complete the survey, you can have the opportunity to earn Marriott Rewards.

How to enter the survey:

To enter the survey, you should register for your Marriott Rewards members first. Registration is by invitation only. You need an email invitation to join the survey.

If you’ve registered, just go to the website www.Mymarriottvoice.com and sign in your Marriott Rewards account with your email address and password. Then follow the instructions to answer the survey questions regarding your experience. Upon completion, you will earn your Marriott Rewards points automatically.

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Need more help, contact e-mail with support@mymarriottvoice.com.

About Marriott Hotel Rewards:

If you’re regular traveler, I recommend you to join The Marriott rewards program. As a member, you can earn points on every stay at Marriott Hotel and redeem rewards points for free hotel stays, flights and car rentals, room upgrades and more.

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6 Comments on "Enter Marriott Hotels Guest Survey & Win $1,000 Cash"

  1. Would like to Thank Alison Knott and her team that took great care of myself and my wife for 3 great days in Vancouver, we had a great stay and a great time enjoying the city and areas that surrounded the hotel, Alison was so happy all of the time and always dropped everything when we asked her for directions and also good restraunts in the area, I would stay here again if I came back to Vancouver…Thanks again Alison you were Great…..

  2. andrew mc lellan | November 13, 2012 at 1:26 pm |

    awesome stay at delta west toronto

  3. andrew mc lellan | November 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm |

    thank u delta staff.

  4. Reuben Schmunk | December 26, 2012 at 5:05 pm |

    Wow what a meal!!! the appetazers ,outof this world;the sea food great,the
    turkey and dressing ,marvelous and the dessert bar….beyond imagination.
    It was a wonderful experience!!!

  5. Betti Irwin | March 7, 2013 at 10:50 pm |

    hi… I was stranded at the Wpg airport on Sunday March 3rd due to bad weather in Calgary where I was headed then on to Canmore where I live. After many delays West Jet put me up at the Delta Hotel (thank-you West Jet you were awesome as well).
    I can’t believe how amazing the staff was…super friendly and helpful ! Mike and Emerson were at the front desk and I can’t say enough about how great these guys were. Turns out that in all my busyness of gathering up my many vouchers from West Jet, I left my wee little hot pink carry on gift bag at the West Jet counter. The gift bag had a very special wine glass inside that was a gift from my best friend who had just brought it for me from Mexico. I panicked when I realized I’d left it at the airport. I went to see Mike at the front desk and he went all out… he got on the phone and called a zillion different places at the airport to find my small hot pink gift bag… long story short he located it !! I couldn’t believe it ! I could tell he was not going to give up till he found it…the wine I had ordered to my room was brought in by another very friendly young man, thankx Mackenzie it was exactly what I needed after a long day at the airport ! …when I went back to the airport the next morning there it was…my precious pink bag! I can’t say enough about how well I was treated. I’ll stay at the Wpg Delta again any day even when I’m not stranded! Thankx guys you made my stay ! And also thankx to Lisa for helping me find this website when I called inquire on where I could write a review. What a great staff !!

  6. REIKO STPIERRE | September 12, 2016 at 5:30 pm |

    Nice comments , I loved the specifics ! Does someone know where my company could get ahold of a template seekers BSDM Checklist document to fill out ?

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