Manage Your HealthEquity Account Online

If you are a member of HealthEquity, in order to make it easier to manage your Health Saving Account, simply visit and access your account by entering your User Name and Password. Then you can see your account balances and HSA debit card balance, review transactions, invest in mutual funds, pay providers and submit for reimbursement online, manage your personal information and more.

First user? If so, you need to establish a user name and password, you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the button “Create a user name and password” on the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the information requested on the “Find your account” screen.
  3. Enter the information asked for on the “Verify your identity” screen.
  4. Pick a user/login name and Choose a password.
  5. You will need to enter your email address and click the box to agree to the terms of the web site and save the agreement.

HealthEquity is committed to assisting you in building health savings. They will continue to create new tools and products, and to engage you on how to better save on health care expenses and taxes, as well as position your HSA for future growth.

HealthEquity, founded in 2002, is the best and largest health saving trustee. Because of their hassle-free health account administration, online technology tools and 24/7 accessible service, HealthEquity has a three-year growth rate of more than 300 percent. At present, they have more than 60 health plan partners and more than 20,000 companies’ employees. Compared to traditional plans, HealthEquity’s crafted health care solutions help employers decrease cost nearly 15%, while their employees are on average 85% more satisfied. Additionally, In order to best manage their health care accounts, HealthEquity collect personal information, analyze specific data, and employ knowledgeable specialists to help consumers save and spend their health care dollars more wisely.