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Now McDonald’s is launching their annual Monopoly Game promotion in the restaurant. Just go to your local McDonald’s store and order your favorite foods, and follow the instructions to play the game, so you can receive your chance to win cash and food prizes. Click here to learn how to play>>

If you won a prize by peeling a Game Stamp and revealing an Instant Win Prize (excluding a Food Prize) or by collecting and completing a property set to form a Winning Combination, you should go to the website www.Iwonatmcd.com to claim your prize online.

How to redeem your In-Restaurant game prize code:

Step 1. Open the website in your web browser, then select which prize you’ve won. Click the corresponding link to continue.

Step 2. On the next page, you need to provide a valid email address and follow the instructions to complete the claim process.

Click here to start the prize claim process

For more redemption details and promotion rules, please visit http://www.playatmcd.com/en-us/Rules!

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