www.Huluplus.com/ps3 – Activate Hulu Plus Free Trial on Your PS3

If you would like to enjoy Hulu Plus streaming service on your Play Station 3 device, just follow these instructions to set up your account and activate it online at www.Huluplus.com/ps3.

How to activate:

1. Click here to set up your Hulu Plus account by applying for the 0ne week free trial offer.

2. Launch Hulu Plus application on your PS3, then you can get an activation code.

3. Once you get the code, open the website link www.hulu.com/activate in your web browser, then sign in your Hulu Plus account and enter your code to complete the activation code.

4. Within a few seconds, your PS3 will be automatically logged in to your Hulu Plus account. So you can start watching the latest episode of current hit shows such as Modern Family, The Office, Family Guy, New Girl, and more.

Please note: The normal fee of Hulu Plus service is $7.99/month. You can cancel it anytime in the free trial membership. If you continue to enjoy the service after one week, it will charge money from your credit card.

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  1. donavan lamsa | October 21, 2013 at 12:44 am |

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  2. I am paying for hulu plus and cannot access it even tho I have a code on my television I cannot find a place to put the code and if not please cancel my hulu plus account….edjanis@gmail.com

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