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If you’ve purchased a new Magic Bullet blender, you can go to www.Buythebullet.com/register to register your product and get 15-months online only limited warranty.

How to register:

First, find your 14-15 alphanumeric Magic Bullet’s serial number on the bottom of the base. Then open the website link www.Buythebullet.com/register in your web browser. Just follow the instructions to enter your personal information and your product information.

Once you complete the registration, you can get 15-Months Warranty of the product you’ve purchased. If your Magic Bullet stops operating to your satisfaction due to materials or workmanship, you’ll get repair or replacement for free.

About Magic Bullet Blender:

It’s a completely new blender with specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design that can automatically circulates food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone region. It can help you do many works in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less, such as make Chop onions, Berry Smoothie, Fresh Chicken Salad, Frozen Mocha Cappuccino, Spaghetti & Meat Sauce.

Order now you can get 2 complete 21 piece Magic Bullet systems for the price of one ($99.99 only). Order now!

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18 comments on “www.Buythebullet.com/register – Register Your Magic Bullet Product Online

  1. Bill

    I, too cannot register my bullet either. Give me specific instructions on how to register via online. CORRECT YOUR WEB PAGE. Inadequate instructions causes one to not want to register on line.
    ThanksThis is very annoying

  2. Annette Wright

    What seems to be the problem with your website. They ask you for the fields to be filled in and then it won’t allow you to submit the warranty for the item I purchased. What’s going on with this website.

  3. Milanka Jevric

    I do not know how to register on line for my 3 month waranty protection ?

  4. Eileen Hyler

    There is no page available to register the magic bullet. It clearly says “This page does not exist.” Apparantly, all messages from previous customers have had the same problem and have been ignored. Very disappointing!!! Please fix the page!!!!

  5. Mary Kost

    I am trying to register my NutriBullet on line. It will not take my registration number off the machine.
    Can you help me?

  6. Mary Kearsley

    No body can register.So why would you send people to even try.This is very disappointing & so annoying.
    It will stop a lot of people buying your products.Please correct your web site,i want to register. Thank you.

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