EverBrite Solar Light

Have you ever had an incident where you’ve entered a room and had to move around in the dark because the light switch was too far away? Or perhaps you’re looking for the light switch and frantically moving your hands on the wall trying to find it? Or you have stepped out of your house for a minute at night and the pitch black darkness makes it difficult to see? Well, these incidents can be a thing of the past with Ever Brite Solar Light.



This new Wireless Solar powered light is a fantastic solution to all those problems. You wouldn’t even have thought such an easy solution could exist! Ever Brite is a solar powered light that has built motion sensors so it turns on automatically on when you walk close to it and dims off when you walk away.


  • Motion detection

This feature is what makes Ever Brite the most unique innovation yet. Its built in motion sensors can detect movement from up to 12 feet away so your path is lit up properly and you can walk with ease.

  • No charging

The Lithium Ion battery in Ever Brite charges automatically during the day when exposed to sunlight, and the battery can last up to 12 hours. This means that you don’t ever have to worry about paying electricity bills for the light, unlike other outdoor lights that are heavy on the pocket.

  • Easy installation

It’s so easy to get Ever Brite light installed, it’s kind of unbelievable! Just peel the sticker at the back and mount the light on the surface. That’s it! No tools or wires are required to fix it up. Ever Brite has been carefully designed to mount on numerous surfaces including brick walls, stucco, shingles, plastic, metal surfaces and many more.

  • Powerful light

Ever Brite LED light is so bright and long lasting, it is clearly visible from a distance. This makes it perfect for using outdoors in garage or walkways, and even during emergencies such as power outages

  • Best design

Ever Brite LED has been made with heavy grade construction so it is extremely durable and resilient. It is also water proof so it can function well even in snow and bad weather.


The Ever Brite Solar Light Motion Activated Outdoor LED Light is an ideal addition to your home that is guaranteed to make life a little more easily and increase comfort for you and your family.
It is also especially useful if you have young kids at home and they spend time outdoors. With such a low cost and a money back guarantee, there is no way you will regret buying Ever Brite Led Light.

How to order Ever Brite online:

Ever Brite Solar Light can be ordered online through the secure website https://www.buyEver Brite.com. There is also an excellent deal of purchasing one light for $12.99 and getting the second light free, by just paying for $ 6.99 P&H.

 You can also order it through Amazon.com for  only $11.59!