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Do you often travel by airline? If yes, now visit www.AirportSurvey.com and leave your feedback about your airport experience by completing a short survey, then you could enter Canmark’s Win Free Airline Tickets Sweepstakes for a chance to win a certificate, valid for one year, redeemable for two domestic economy roundtrip airline tickets on an air carrier selected by Sponsor (estimated value $500).

How to enter:

Check out the provided link, choose your language and follow the instructions to answer the survey. At the end, you will receive your entry automatically. Only one entry per person per month.

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4 comments on “www.AirportSurvey.com – Enter Canmark’s Airport Survey & Win Free Airline Tickets

  1. Annabelle Little

    It’s been a long time since, I’ve been on a plane, so I was curious about airport security having heard many horror stories. It was fast and easy if you know all the procedures. Show any questionable items ahead of time and all liquids in 3 oz. containers in a small plastic bag. Even so they had to test my salt scrub item that I’d purchased in Kennibunkport and pat down my 86 year old mother for her beeping hip replacements. I also had too much spare change in a small bag in my purse, so they had to search my purse. They were very nice, fast, extremely organized, and my mom and I had a good laugh about her pat down. I felt very safe going on my plane and felt it was all worth it.

  2. Frances Haner

    I just got back from going from flying from Boise to Grand Rapids MI. and back. I’m an 82year-old woman but there were lots of nice people to help me and the flying was very enjoyable . I’m very thankful for the way the airlines check everything out to ensure our safety.Flying is the way to go !

  3. Kathy Palmer

    My husband and I flew to Phoenix to celebrate our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. We had a wonderful time. The flight to and back were easy and everyone was wonderful.

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