Activate your Twitch Acount

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. It’s owned by Twitch Interactive, that is a subsidiary of Amazon. More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch is introduced in 2011 which includes streaming platforms,, or it generally focuses on video games live streamings.

New Twitch user? If yes, you need to activate or link your account for live watching or broadcasting can do so after logging in through the page at

How to Activate Twitch ?

It is very easy to activate the Twitch but people face problem in the activation. There are few steps which you need to follow in order activate the Twitch which is as follows:

  • Open Twitch on any of the device including Android and iOS devices, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 video game consoles and it will ask to activate the Twitch. As it will show you the code over the screen and the link where you need to go in order to activate the Twitch i.e, So just go to from your Computer, Laptop or SmartPhone just open any of the browsers to open the link.
  • When you go to the link it will ask you to login into the Twitch Account using your existing Twitch Account or you can also Sign Up with Twitch. There is an option to connect with Facebook also if you want to do that as you just need to allow Facebook in the small window where it will ask for Login id and password of Facebook. Just give the permission to use Twitch.
  • Once you logged in to the account the next screen will come up and ask you to enter the code which must be appeared on your TV Screen.
  • If you have successfully put the code just click on Activate button.
  • At the very last you just need to follow on screen instructions in order to select channels and Congratulations you have successfully Activated your Twitch Device.


  • In order to Get Started we need a Account Login.
  • For new users, sign up is required.
  • If you forget the password just recover the password.
  • Login to the Twitch account if you already have an account.

Through Twitch Activate page, you can login into your existing account or if you are new user then you can create the new account at An exact username and password is required at the time of activation of Twitch and if you forget the password just reset it using the forget password link on same page. Start using Twitch TV by simply login into the account as it is very simple or easy to Activate Twitch TV. Date of birth and email is also required for signing up with Twitch and you can also login to Twitch Account using Connect with Facebook button. For password recover just use an Trouble logging in button. After the successful login just put the Activation code which you can see on your screen and click on Activate button. Then follow the on-screen instructions by agreeing the Terms & Conditions.