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If you purchased something from New York & Company store recently, you can now go to the website to take part in the customer feedback survey and receive a money off coupon for your next visit.

How to enter the New York and Company Customer Survey:

To start the survey, you’ll need a valid email address and your receipt from the last 14 days. Enter the required information and follow the on-screen instructions to answer the survey questions. At the end of the survey, you will receive your coupon via your email.

Click here to enter the survey now!

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My Review of New York and Company:

I love New York & Company store. They have the best basic and trendy clothing in all sizes. The quality is fantastic, and you can’t beat the prices. And they’re great about sending you coupons often. Following are the latest New York & Company coupons and special offers I received from them. If you are going to the NYC store, remember to redeem them to save your money.

The Big Sale: 50% – 80% off Everything  – Online & in stores. While supplies last. Excludes new arrivals. For a limited time only.

Various New York and Company Coupons from – $15 off $30+,  $45 off $100+, $25 off your purchase of $75 or more. For a limited time only.

20% off New York & Company coupon – Sign up for New York & Company E-mail Newsletter, you can receive a 20% off coupon as a reward.

To get these coupons, make sure your printer is available. Then take the printed coupons along with you to your local New York & Company store.

NY&C Rewards Credit Card:

If you’re a regular customer of New York and Company, I recommend you to apply for a NY&C Rewards Credit Card. With the card, you can earn $10 Reward for every $200 you spend. You can also enjoy free shipping and birthday coupon benefits if you become a valid member. Click here to learn more.

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  1. I have enjoyed to shopping at NYand Company all clothes are amazing and CHIC WOW…..and their price are very well.

  2. The service sucks. How do you expect the cashier to wait on people and answer the phone at the same time. Not only did it hold up the line, but the cashier made one mistake after another. Lady in front of me did not get credit for the items she returned and I went home with the security tag still on my clothes. While I saw at least 3 ladies on the floor doing nothing and the manager telling me this is how the store is set up. Thanks but no thanks I would never shop in your store again and this was the first time. Your store has no sense of service

  3. Sandra Soderquist | February 12, 2012 at 3:12 pm |

    Positives first: I was lured into the store by the beautiful displays. I found many choices, sizes and colors. I was quick to get a clean fitting room, made my choices, with the help of 1 nice sales associate. I saw 5 sales associates during my 30 minute shopping trip. However, when I got up to the check-out counter there was a line of 2 customers and only 1 cashier. I layed my items at the empty check out counter and turned to look at the jewelry. Someone snuck in line ahead of me when the second cashier opened–(O.K. my bad )–I wasn’t quick enough to turn around–so I waited. Both cashiers were tied up for several minutes with PROBLEMS… Returns and exchanges and coupons that did not meet the requirements, thus– both customers had to go back onto the sales floor for other items! What? Why should others have to wait for someone else to continue shopping. AHH, afer 12 minutes ( and my husband was timing) a checkout became OPEN —– but to my surprise , someone walked up from the side and tried to slip in front of me. The sales associate would have let her had I not said something. I had been NEXT for almost 15 minutes. When I made that comment, a middle aged associate called me a liar ( she did not use the word but incinuated it) What HORRIBLE SERVICE! Wow! I own and operate a Salon and I would never let a situation like that get that far out of control. If there are problems that hold up the line for more than 5 minutes, another register should be opened, or void off the items and allow the customer w/ the coupon to finish making their selections.

  4. My daughter bought THE MOST beautiful bracelet for my B-DAY and I wear it almost EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vicky Santiago | June 23, 2012 at 11:33 am |

    Enjoy shopping at New York & Company. Wish they had a larger selection of dresses and sizes 12 or 14. Need more young stylish clothes for teens. Find that the clothes are geared also for more older women. The store I shopped in today the cashier was very uptight and rude with customers. The other cashier was not very friendly. They were frustrated with customers because they were not in line. Unfortunately the area where the line is set up is not very visible and is scrunched up between racks of jewelry. Very hard to see unless you walk up to it. The store needs more variety of colors. I was looking specifically for gray, royal blue and could not find anything, not even in jewelry or accessories. Many people like myself cannot wear the summer colors because of skin tone so could not find anything that caught my eye. I can say that the wedges that I purchased today were at a great price. Brought two pairs in different colors in the same style. Was very, very pleased with that. The prices sometimes are very high even with the discounts offerred. Need more friendly employees especially being such an upscale store in the mall.

  6. I can’t click on the date to receive my coupon
    everything clicks on as my receipt of purchase indicates for your survey but the date I purchased was Sept 3 and it locks me out.

  7. Went with my survey coupon full of excitement, spent an hour browsing and painstakingly gathering and narrowing down my selection, trying on, weeding out, etc. Forget the whole experience at the register when it came time to pay. It took about 20 mins if not longer to finally get my transaction to go through as expected with the coupon. Two ppl took care of me because the first person couldn’t get it to work. The second person tried to then say it was because the stuff I was buying was on clearance. But the first girl got the coupon to work with all my clearance stuff but wouldn’t work to take off the higher amount. They couldn’t even find me in the system even though I gave them my info the first time and also online (obviously, as I received the coupon in my email). she called the customer service line, eventually it went through and I got my $25 off $100 or more. I again received an invite to take the survey so I did it on my other email and printed a new coupon. I went back tonight and of course it was the same girl and she remembered me and it was very awkward, like really awkward, like she wanted something or I don’t know. She kept looking at me and even made a suggestion to buy a coat. I’m like… I don’t need help deciding on what I want, I jsut want to buy stuff and everything I want is on clearance. She tried to tell me this time, btw, that the coupon was not good on clearance items. I’m like funny, all but ONE item I bought last time were clearance and it worked. Unless all clearance items are “red line” deals, although I thought those were just the ones marked down the lowest, the coupon doesn’t specifically state clearance items as a restriction. If she is always going to be there when I go, they’re going to lose a customer as fast as they earned one because I don’t like being stalked by people while I shop. I don’t like sales ppl coming over and talking to me as I try to leave because I am not buying anything or staring at me while I am shopping because I’ve been in there a long time. Awkward and also a little pressuring. I’ve gathered that their customer service isn’t the greatest.

  8. I love shopping a NY&C …. I have been to multiple locations and I always have a great experience. The clothes are great, prices are great. The employees are always friendly and helpful. Since losing 100 lbs I have spent a lot of time coming back to the store as I lose more weight …. I have never had a bad experience. And they offer a military discount!!! How great is that!

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