Redbox Free Rental Promo Codes

Want to rent a free movie from Redbox? You’ve come to the right place. Here I will provide the latest available Redbox Free Rental Promo Codes and promotion offers regularly for you.

Get a free rental when you make the first-time online rental – For first new customer.

FREE Redbox Movie Rental with Redbox Play Pass – Sign up for the Redbox Play Pass Rewards program to get a free movie rental and other rewards.

The Redbox Text Club Reward – Text ALERTS to 727272 to sign up the Text Club and get a promo code good for a free rental on the first Monday of every month via Text Message.

Redbox FREE Rental Promotion – Text one of these codes: “DAYS“, “SAINTS“, “REDBOX” or “GAMETIME” to 727272, then you’ll receive a code for a free one-night rental, $0.50 off or free game rental immediately (ONLY for video games, up to $2 value).

Win free movie every week from Redblog – Go to the Redbox Blog and follow the instructions to submit a comment on the required post, then you could have a chance to win a free movie rental or other prizes.

$0.5 off two movies rental – Valid on select items. For a limited time only.

Codes for Koisk rental:

DVDNIGHT – One Free movie rental.

NN9933DF – One free rental.

DVDONME – Free rental, per one per credit card or debit card.

DVDONUS – One free movie rental.

BREAKROOM – Free movie rental.

SAFEWAYJ4U – Free movie rental at Safeway locations.

DVDATWAG or DVDATWG – Free rental. May only work at Redbox locations inside Walgreens.

DVDKROG or KROGERFREE – One free movie rental at Kroger location only.

REDBOX – Get a free rental for new customer only.

WALGREENS – Get a free rental at Walgreens locations.

DVDONHEB – One free movie rental at H-E-B locations.

MOVIETIME – One free rental.

RENTONME – One free movie rental.

DVDATMAC – Free rental at McDonalds only.

DVDATSONI or DRIVEIN – Free Reantal at Redbox locations inside Sonic.

DVDATWAL – Get a free rental at Walmart or Walgreens.

DVDATWEG – Free rental at Wegman’s.

Please note, not all codes work everywhere, and each code can be only used once per card.

How to redeem these free or discount rental codes: It’s very simple. Just go to the Redbox official website and pick up your favorite movie. When at the checkout, enter one of the above codes. Then go to your local Redbox kiosk to get your free movie.

Other Redbox Free Rental Offers and Promotions:

Redbox Refer-A-Friend Program – Join the refer program and earn free one-night rentals every time your friends rent online using your referral link.

Free rental for first-time user– Go to and create your account , then you can receive a free rental credit after your first-time rental.

Redbox Fackbook Fan free rental – Go to the Redbox Fackbook page and become a fan, you can get a free rental.

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