Rabbit TV USB Review: Watch Over 5,000 TV Channels

Tired of watching the boring television channels all over the day? Don’t know how to watch foreign channels? Rabbit TV USB will change your life. Rabbit TV USB is a device which can offer over thousands of internet TV channels of many different countries. It become very popular lately and has an increasing number of users. This passage aims to giving a comprehensive introduction of Rabbit TV USB.


As its name, Rabbit TV USB is just a USB which has magic power. All you have to do is plug in the Rabbit TV USB to the computer and install as the instruction says. After a few seconds, you can begin the amazing experience. Rabbit TV USB offers over 5000 internet TV channels for free. If you are a radio enthusiast, you will have more than 50000 choices. As there are so many channels and TV programs, sometimes you don’t know what you like. However, Rabbit TV USB is not only a device which provides access to internet TV, but also a professional guide of watching TV online. The Rabbit TV system will search and categorize all the channels everyday.  There are four part which are TV, movies, live and radio. And each part includes many channels. You have to choose a country or simply click on the channel you want. You can enjoy the service anytime anywhere, and all you need is a computer and the tiny USB. The professional technicians are ready to solve your every problem about the product.

Pros and Cons:


Easy to Use

It is really easy to use the item. You just need to plug it into any PC, desktop or laptop. After a fast and simple installation, you can begin to enjoy the service.


The item is very small and easy to carry with. You can use it almost anytime anywhere and that makes it wonderful. It seems like you compress a TV into a tiny USB. The product is perfect for travelling.

Low price

You just need to pay 10$ for a year and 6.99$ for shipping. The annual license fee will renew automatically.

Numerous channels

The number of internet TV channels is incredible, not to mention the endless radio stations. With so many choices, you will absolutely find a favorite one.


Virus attack

Sometimes when you plug the USB in and install the service, your computer will be attacked by some virus. You may need an antivirus software and protect your computer.

Requiring of Internet connection

As a device to provide Internet channels, internet connection is of course needed. Sometimes it may be inconvenient to some users.

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