PCHSearch&Win Golden Ticket Prize Giveaway

Posted in: Sweepstakes By on July 1, 2012

Did you receive a gold prize ticket from PCHSearch&Win recently? If yes, just go to the PCHSearch&Win website (http://search.pch.com) now, you could have a chance to win a $1,000 or $10,000 cash prize.

How to search & win:

To start, you should create a PCHSearch&Win account first. Click here to register now! If you’ve already registered, just log in your account with your username and password. Then use the PCH Search Engine to search the website like you often do at regular search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and click the search results that interest you. That’s all you need to do and the great prizes are waiting for you. The Golden Ticket will give you an entry into multiple sweepstakes giveaways.

About PCHSearch&Win:

It is a search engine that gives you the information you need and chances to win instant prizes like cash, gift cards, LCD TVs and more. Check out this video to learn more!

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96 comments on “PCHSearch&Win Golden Ticket Prize Giveaway

  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas

    Pch I received a Golden Ticket for $25,000.00 with Gold Opportunity, would you please activate it… I can really use that $25,000.00, your help is Much NEEDED pls…

  2. cary speakar

    Boy ,what I could to help contribute to my friends
    Ministry program for battered women and children
    With $25,000

  3. veronica godinez

    would love to load up the food banks with some fresh food. I can’t wait. Peace to all today and every day

  4. Mary Phillips

    Pch yes i want to claim 2 Entries for 25,000.00 and a chance for a 1 Million The Golden Ticket to Big Cash

  5. Tammy Hector

    I found the golden ticket 8,12,25,31,34,49 i hope this is the right place to put this

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