Nutribullet High-Speed Blender Review

Human body needs nutrients to keep the body health. Although there are many ways to get nutrients, eating food is always and will be the most important one. The process of getting nutrients from food is that you eat the food and the stomach smashes it to get the nutrients. That is why your body can’t absorb 100% of the food. Now, Nutribullet will help solve the problem for you.


Nutribullet Review:

When you see the product of Nutribullet at first, you may consider it as a normal juicer or blender. However, they have completely different working principle. A juicer will get everything into liquid, thus removing all of the fiber of the food put in it. Fiber is a necessity for human body, and it is kind of nutrients. A blender will cut the food with blades, but blending leaves big chunks. If you have to chew the big chunks again, why do you need a blender?

Unlike the products above, Nutribullet is a food extractor which grinds up the food fully. With the sharp blades and high horsepower, you can smash the food into small particles, which can save the nutrients in the best situation. With Nutribullet, you can not only make juices, but also soups and many other things. It is a symbol of food revolution and leads you to a healthier life. When you buy a Nutribullet machine, they will also send you a Natural Healing Foods Book which will tell you different healthy recipes. More nutrients and healthy collocation of foods will not only change your life, it may save your life. Of course you can make your own recipe by using your favorite foods too.

Pros and Cons:


High horsepower

The 600 Watt Motor is outstanding among the competitors; high horsepower with the special sharp blade can cut almost everything into small particles and make it easier for you to absorb nutrients.

Easy to Use

After you buy a Nutribullet machine, you will get an instruction book which will guide you to use the machine. The process is in details and easy to understand.


Thanks to the simple structure of the Nutribullet extractor, it is very easy to clean after using. People may think cleanup is a negligible problem, however, if you want to use it everyday, you will know that easy to clean matters a lot.


High Price

The price of a Nutribullet extractor is a little higher when compared with other competitors. Ignoring the high quality and good performance, the price may be the obstacle for many potential customers.

Sometimes Leaking

Leaking during the process is another problem that appears in the customers. You may have to close the machine well before it works and check whether the leaking is the machine’s problem.

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