Nestle Butterfinger Promotion Codes 2014

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If you have found a promotion code inside Nestle Butterfinger candy bar, you can use the code to enter the Nestle Butterfinger promotions online at

Current Butterfinger Promotion(s):

Nestle Fandango $5 Off Movie Ticket Promotion - When you find a Promotion Code inside a specially marked package of NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER CRISP or NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER SNACKERZ single or king size candy bars, you can enter it online at by registering the promotion. Once you enter five Codes, you will automatically receive an email with a Fandango Code good for a $5 discount off the price of 1 movie ticket. The promotion ends on December 31, 2014. Click here to see full rules.

Who Laid a Finger on Bart’s  Instant Win Games - You could have a chance to win a trip for 4 to Los Angeles, CA to meet and greet with the Simpson’s artists. Plus Homer Model snowboard, Bart Model Cruzer skateboard, Zombie Bart kid robot, Simpson’s Kid Robot mini-series and Treehouse of Horrors Episode 2 Mp3 Download. See more rules here.  This promotion has ended.

Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Promotion -If you find a promotion code from a BUTTERFINGER or BUTTERFINGER CRISP product, you can use it to enter this promotion for your chance to win a $500 Gift Card or a Coupon for a Free Bag of Candy! This promotion has ended.

Play Butterfinger Fun Games online - Here you can play many exclusive Butterfinger games such as Orange Caverns of Doom, Expose The Thief, Cube Fishing, and more.

Get more promotions information from!

If you don’t have a promo code, you can use these free Butterfinger Promotion codes I collected for you:

BS3748 (new), BS6625 (new), FS9468, BS1441, BS1094, BS1409, BS41O7, BS4123, BS662, BS4976, BS0954 bk8630, BS4976, BK9544, BS7773, BS6757, bs8501, BS4123, BK6805, BS6473, Bk5865, BS1140, BS6625, BS2871, BS7848, BS7242, BS2240, BS2611, BK7420, BS1172, BS3748, BK1525, BK2065, BK8145, GS4813, GS4487, bk5254,

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228 comments on “Nestle Butterfinger Promotion Codes 2014

  1. rhonda

    I have had this issue many times recently & in the past. Recording says the code never expires but who is gonna hang on to the wrapper & keep looking for current promotions. That’s some stupid S**T, right there!

  2. Bill Acorts

    So I just spent 30 minutes (thanks for nothing Butterfinger) looking for the place to check the promo code printed inside my Butterfinger wrapper. Seems that the last promo ended 3-26-14 and today is 07-16-14 which can only mean that the bar I purchased is pretty old.
    Word of suggestion to the marketing brainiacs at Butterfinger—by not having an open ended promotion you just infuriate customers. I’m angry with you that your promotions only helped me define how old the product is and I am mad at Walgreen’s for selling old stuff. So—
    No more purchases for either of you from me. So how are those promotions working for you now? Jeez—next thing you’ll tell me is that your marketing department just bought the idea from some lame overpriced ad agency. Does anyone think this stuff through anymore?

  3. Tami

    Please consider a newsletter with a link to weekly updates. Thanks

  4. Steve Williams

    Just ate a Butterfinger Candy bar. Seen a Promotion code inside and it told me to check at the website to see what it does. Well the website only say’s “Coming Soon” What a waste of my time. Think I will stick to Mars from now on they usually have their sh!t together. Nestle really needs to take better care of its customer base.

  5. susan trahan

    Can’t figure out where to enter the code.

  6. Douglas

    This is the worst promo offer I have ever seen. There is no way to enter. Just “coming soon”.. Waste of everyone’s time. Your company needs to get a grip and pay attention. I may stop buying Nestle products just to make a boycott statement for your mismanagement and dysfunctionalism. Don’t mislead the public. Have REAL promotions like other companies do. I’m a business manager and I am very disappointed in your mismanagement and misleading of the public. For goodness sakes, Lord knows Nestle can afford to give away a trip or a car or something nice to a few consumers each month. It’s a tax write-off for your company anyways. I’m going to throw the damned codes away just because you all are so stupid.

  7. Mona

    I got onto the Butterfinger website to check my code and it says “coming soon” What’s with that? If there is a code on the package then there should be a place to enter it to see if you won something or not. Also what’s with the crap about the codes never “expiring”? That doesn’t make any sense either. Your marketing department needs to be restructured by people who know how to market and not deceive the public.

  8. darlene

    What in the world is going on with your company and the promotions??? this is absurd!!! it first took a phone call to get to facebook, foacebook offered NOTHING as to explain how to use these “promo” codes, I then went to your site, I come to this and find my 2 of 6 so-called “promo” codes in your ” IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PROMO CODE YOU CAN USE THESE FREE BUTTERFINGER CODES I COLLECTED FOR YOU” so what the hell does that mean? ALL 6 king sized bars were duplicate codes.. What a poor company you turned out to be.. if I hadn’t put them all through the processor for the cake I’m making, prior to checking this out, I’d toss them all back in the bag with the receipt and return them all to the store I bought them from— OPENED!!!!

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