Nestle Butterfinger Promotion Codes 2014

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If you have found a promotion code inside Nestle Butterfinger candy bar, you can use the code to enter the Nestle Butterfinger promotions online at

Current Butterfinger Promotion(s):

Who Laid a Finger on Bart’s  Instant Win Games - Look for a Promotion Code inside a specially marked package of NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER CRISP or NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER SNACKERZ single or king size candy bars, then use the code to enter it online at to take part in The Nestle’s Fast & Furious Giveaway. You could have a chance to win a trip for 4 to Los Angeles, CA to meet and greet with the Simpson’s artists. Plus Homer Model snowboard, Bart Model Cruzer skateboard, Zombie Bart kid robot, Simpson’s Kid Robot mini-series and Treehouse of Horrors Episode 2 Mp3 Download. See more rules here.

Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Promotion -If you find a promotion code from a BUTTERFINGER or BUTTERFINGER CRISP product, you can use it to enter this promotion for your chance to win a $500 Gift Card or a Coupon for a Free Bag of Candy! Expires 3/26/2014.

Play Butterfinger Fun Games - Orange Caverns of Doom, Expose The Thief, Cube Fishing, and more.

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If you don’t have a promo code, you can use these free Butterfinger Promotion codes I collected for you:

BS3748 (new), BS6625 (new), FS9468, BS1441, BS1094, BS1409, BS41O7, BS4123, BS662, BS4976, BS0954 bk8630, BS4976, BK9544, BS7773, BS6757, bs8501, BS4123, BK6805, BS6473, Bk5865, BS1140, BS6625, BS2871, BS7848, BS7242, BS2240, BS2611, BK7420, BS1172, BS3748, BK1525, BK2065, BK8145, GS4813, GS4487, bk5254,

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204 comments on “Nestle Butterfinger Promotion Codes 2014

  1. Ronald Linard

    Here is my PROMOTIONAL CODE BS4107 Now what did I win. I think I won crap just like all the other people that buy your products. T H A N K S A L O T NESTLE

  2. Anne mays

    I won also but can not find out what to do with this wrapper because as others on here don’t know what else to do can any one help us or is this just bs

  3. Meh

    I went to the butterfinger site to type in my code from my wrapper but it had no place for a code I clicked on promotions and it said “coming soon” so now what …I win nothing?

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