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Did you enjoy your meal at Golden Corral restaurant recently? If yes, were you satisfied with their foods or services? If you have some words want to tell Golden Corral, you can visit www.Goldencorral-Listens.com and take their customer satisfaction survey online. And you will also have a chance to win $1,000 if you complete the survey and take part in their customer sweepstakes.

How to enter the Golden Corral survey:

Visit www.Goldencorral-Listens.com, select your language, and enter the invitation code found on the bottom of your recent Golden Corral receipt. Click the “Submit” button to start the survey, answer the questions according your experience (your answers will not affect the results of the sweepstakes). At the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide your name and your email. If you win the prizes, you will be noticed by email.

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Sweepstakes Prizes:

One prize per day with prize of $1,000 (“Daily Prize”).

Three prizes per week of with each prize of $500 (”Weekly Prizes”).

No purchase necessary to win. See more official rules at http://www.goldencorral-listens.com/!

My Review of Golden Corral:

Golden Corral is one of the best places to enjoy your dinners. It offers a delicious assortment of hot foods including Asian Pork Roast, Barbeque Pork, Barbecue Chicken, Barbeque Pork, Spareribs, Battered Pollock Fish Fillet, and more. Here are some Golden Corral coupons and special offers that you can use to save your money when you eat at Golden Corral.

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6 Comments on "www.GoldenCorral-Listens.com – Enter Golden Corral Survey & Win $1,000 Cash"

  1. We went to goldencorral in huntsville tex . that is the dirtist place i been . there was food oon floor . There was flys all in the salad bar and on food . One lady dumped her salad back in bowl and told them to bring fresh without flys. It was this way the last time we went a year ago was hoping it was better. Also cost us 28.00 senior pr. this is terrible . check it out for your self.

  2. was dirtist place ive every went . also cost 28.00 senior pr. this is teeible

  3. Went to your new store in O’Fallon, MO to use a coupon we just received for that particular location. We were charged $32.00 & they returned our coupon to us saying we couldn’t use it because they had a special that night (prime rib)(it was 8/17/13 Saturday. We showed her it said on coupon we could use it on that day but she told us we couldn’t . There were 2 of us. Coupon said 10.49 a person. After sitting down. Waitress asked what happened, showed her the coupon. She found manager & showed him coupon. He argued w/her but she persisted showing him where it said (Sat & Sun). He checked w/top manager came to us said he was going to let us use it, giving us back $2.40. We were already eating but when we figured it out, you still ripped us off!!! The coupon said 10.49 a person, there were 2 of us. We each got a drink @ 1.99 a peice. That would come up to $24.96 plus approx tay of $2.47 which totals to $27.43. You charged us originally $32.43 w/tax. We overpaid by $5.00. You refunded us 2.40. How dumb are you people!!!! How many others were ripped off. NEVER AGAIN. We were never as happy their as your other store on Zumbehl. Food not as good. My husband asked girl for carrot cake. She said “when she was done w/the banana pudding. She made a mona lisa, going back & forth w/knife at least 5 times then adding topping spreading that back & forth, back & forth a half dozen times. Finally, w/people lined up waiting for the carrot cake, she turned & put it on the counter. Never again people out there, save your money. Might try Zumbehl, no coupon for that one but we didn’t get the price of coupon at this place. Ripp Off.

  4. Susan schappell | October 12, 2013 at 10:32 am |

    Went to the golden corral in panama beach, florida. That was one of the best eating experiences i’ve had the employees were so friendly .as soon as you are finished with your plate it vanished.they were always refilling your drink. The serving area was always pristeen.employees were always wiping counters the floor was always being cleaned the food pans were always full. What a joyful experience. Cannot say the same for the golden corral in allentown,pa. It was opened about 2 months when we went,they definately not ready to open they did not have enough help and the help was so lost and overwhelmed the manager was so flustered i thought he was going to cry. It looked like a bunch of teenagers out of control had a food fight it couldn’t have been more of a mess.the food bins were always empty all the tables were stacked with dirty dishes the people that were coming in had no where to sit lot of them left when you first went in you had to get your own drink 1 line for that you can imagine what a clusster mess that was people trying to decide what the kids and they wanted to drink ,drinks getting spilled every where and the floor was so sticky it almost tore a ladys sole off her shoe. Don’t know if we will ever go back we should give them a second chance but that image his hard to forget.

  5. Mary Buchanan | January 18, 2014 at 1:05 pm |

    I want to win!!!!

  6. we stop at Cookville , Tn. every time we go to Nashville . We have stopped at several different golden corral’s . The one in Cookville is the best one. We stop at Johnson city a lot, its pretty good , but not as good as the one in Cookville.

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