Free Tracfone Airtime Promo Codes

Want to save money on your Tracfone phone? You come to the right place. Here I will give you a list of the latest free Tracfone airtime promo codes that can get you extra airtime minutes (usually from 30 to 250 minutes) on your phone without costing  your money. These promo codes are free to use, and mostly require you to purchase a card or a phone. Please read the instructions before you start using them.

Here are this month’s free Tracfone airtime promo codes and discount offers available for you:

84464 – 30 bonus minutes with a 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 150 minutes).

59396, 70166– 30 bonus minutes with a 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

43243 – 20 bonus on 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

69665 – 30 bonus minutes with a 120 minutes card. If you have double minutes, gives 150 bonus minutes for a total of 270 minutes.

71287 or 59396 (new) – 30 bonus to a 60 minute card.

79679 –  60 bonus on a 120 minute card. Valid for double minutes.

32102 – 60 bonus on a 200 minute card. Valid for double minutes.

72524 – 40 bonus on a 200 minutes card. Valid for double and triple minutes.

59450 – 3o bonus on a 120 min card. 300 Total minutes on a DMFL phone.

47040 – 40 bonus on a 200 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

72524 – 40 bonus minutes with a 200 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 440 minutes).

37661 – 250 bonus minutes on a 1 year card.

88542 (new) – 300 bonus minutes with the 400 minute card.

56036, 72454 or 93729 – 250 bonus minutes with 1 year 400 standard card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 1050 minutes).

93528 or 63257 – 50 bonus minutes with 450 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 950 minutes).

72505 – 70 bonus minutes with a 450 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

How to use these promo codes: Visit (The Tracfone Website) and click on the “ADD AIRTIME” link, then type in the Airtime PIN Number, one of the above five-digit promo codes and your TracFone telephone number to receive your airtime minutes.

Need more help, call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183!

If you find any code not working, please leave your comments to let me know.

10 Comments on "Free Tracfone Airtime Promo Codes"

  1. 75828 on a 120 min card gave me 260.

  2. Hey GUYS ,
    I JUST USED 32102 ON A200 min card, and got 60 bonus minutes !!!

  3. I was disappointed today when I tried to use three codes for my tracfone. Codes I tried to use: 37661, 56036, 93729. None of these 3 worked. Tracfone’s message said: Don’t use this code expired. I have been very pleased in the past with the codes you have provided, but this time I’m disappointed (10-30-2014)

  4. Received a Happy Birthday Code in the mail for 20 bonus minutes when you add an airtime card. try and see if it works. I used another promo code from this site so it woudnt let me use this 20 minute one.

    code 87844 use by Nov 30, 2014

  5. 84464 code worked for me.. very first code I tried.. THANKS… keep up the good work, love getting these codes each month for my mom.. it it wasn’t for these, I would cancel it and not have a phone at all which isn’t safe.

  6. 11/25/2014
    Pro code 32102, 72524 does not work for me.

  7. I have a triple minute phone…code 72524 did not give me additional 40 minutes with my 200 minute card…1/4/15

  8. 84464 and 59396 didn’t work this time.

  9. Just used code 12745 and works buy 60 min. get 60 additional min. will last I week
    fron 2/14/15.

  10. Just used code 72505 with a 450 minute card and got 70 bonus minutes.

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