Free Tracfone Airtime Promo Codes

Want to save money on your Tracfone phone? You come to the right place. Here I will give you a list of the latest free Tracfone airtime promo codes that can get you extra airtime minutes (usually from 30 to 250 minutes) on your phone without costing  your money. These promo codes are free to use, and mostly require you to purchase a card or a phone. Please read the instructions before you start using them.

Here are this month’s free Tracfone airtime promo codes and discount offers available for you:

84464 – 30 bonus minutes with a 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 150 minutes).

59396, 70166– 30 bonus minutes with a 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

43243 – 20 bonus on 60 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

69665 – 30 bonus minutes with a 120 minutes card. If you have double minutes, gives 150 bonus minutes for a total of 270 minutes.

71287 or 59396 (new) – 30 bonus to a 60 minute card.

79679 –  60 bonus on a 120 minute card. Valid for double minutes.

32102 – 60 bonus on a 200 minute card. Valid for double minutes.

72524 – 40 bonus on a 200 minutes card. Valid for double and triple minutes.

59450 – 3o bonus on a 120 min card. 300 Total minutes on a DMFL phone.

47040 – 40 bonus on a 200 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

72524 – 40 bonus minutes with a 200 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 440 minutes).

37661 – 250 bonus minutes on a 1 year card.

88542 (new) – 300 bonus minutes with the 400 minute card.

56036, 72454 or 93729 – 250 bonus minutes with 1 year 400 standard card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 1050 minutes).

93528 or 63257 – 50 bonus minutes with 450 minutes card. Valid for double minutes (a total of 950 minutes).

72505 – 70 bonus minutes with a 450 minutes card. Valid for double minutes.

How to use these promo codes: Visit (The Tracfone Website) and click on the “ADD AIRTIME” link, then type in the Airtime PIN Number, one of the above five-digit promo codes and your TracFone telephone number to receive your airtime minutes.

Need more help, call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183!

If you find any code not working, please leave your comments to let me know.

10 Comments on "Free Tracfone Airtime Promo Codes"

  1. Thanks for this blog. As a tracfone user i find this very useful lol. I save alot of money with tracfone already, but now i look forward to saving even more money. As I just bought my son a tracfone for back to school i might have to use this code for him as well.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a Tracfone user as well, and have found the coupon codes to be big money savers. Making the switch to prepaid was a big decision and going with Tracfone as made it so easy. I have referred my friends to this blog and they are going to make the switch as well. No more contracts, great phones, and great deals. A win-win for all!

  3. None of the bonus codes mention if it adds to the expiration time….for example, I’m looking for a 200 to 250 bonus minutes card that also gives a one year expiration….getting 450 minutes doubled (900) + 200 minutes with a 90 expiration just doesn’t work!

  4. hey do you have any strait talk cell phone master airtime pins

  5. i just used the code 65091 – 100 bonus mins on a 60 min card and it only gave 70 bonus mins not the 100…

  6. Just used the code: 77578
    Gave me a total of 500 minutes…..200 minute card + 200 DMFL + 100 bonus minutes = 500 Total minutes.

    Thanks, Junior

  7. The code 65091 did not work at all when I added a 60 minute card. It did not give me any bonus minutes…..Pthh!!

  8. The 69973 bonus Tracfone code was expired when I tried it 1/6/2011.
    I used 74617 for 250 bonus minutes with a 1 year card. This code is good until 1/12/2011.

  9. The code 32949 Tracfone bonus code has expired. I did use the 83118 promo code to get 20 bonus minutes with a 60 min. airtime card. I thankyou for this site.

  10. Hey! worked for me, bought 120minutes, got 30 free with 82976. Many kisses!

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