Free Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards Program? Are you looking for free Disney Movie Rewards codes? If yes, you can try the following codes and reward offers I collected for you.

Disney movie rewards survey offer – Take part in their online surveys, you can receive up to 175 bonus points.

Check Your Rewards Member email for Mystery Points – Just check your email box to view the latest email from Disney Movie Rewards, then you may get 5-50 mystery bonus points.

25 FREE Disney Movie Rewards points – Like Disney Movie Rewards on Facebook and get 25 free points.

Play the Disney Challenge and earn 5 FREE points – Valid for a limited time only.

New code for 13 pts: sally

Code for 75 pts: DMR2MIL

Codes for 5 pts: CTSL8R

Codes for 10 pts: CTSENDELSA, FROZEN

Free Disney Movie Rewards code for 25 pts: PLEDGEU13PEKSZZDFPSNN83JX9

Free Disney Movie Rewards code for 50 pts:  DMRTYU, M1D17FET48K7, M1D17SW5RGY1, M1D179UT5FBS

How to redeem the codes:

Go the website and enter one of the above codes into the “Enter Magic Code” box, then click the “GO” button. You will be asked to sign in your Disney Movie Rewards account, so you can start redeeming points immediately. When you collect enough points, you can use them to purchase specially marked Disney DVDs, Disney Blu-ray discs, and more.

Please note, you should not enter more than 10 rewards codes in one day.

How to get more codes:
You can collect the Disney Movie Rewards codes from your purchase of specially marked Disney DVDs or Disney Blu-ray discs. You may also earn points during the Collection Period by answering occasional, specially identified surveys and/or trivia questions at

10 Comments on "Free Disney Movie Rewards Codes"

  1. Thanks! They still work as of 11/28/10!

  2. only one worked for me. as of 12/1/2010. the second fifty point one

  3. This site was a great help.. Here are all the codes i found today that actually worked, and how many pts i got for them 🙂 I wish you all luck
    9FTMRYWEK – 50
    9EKSMN38SH – 50
    FPSNN83JX9 – 25 ;
    FPSNN83JX9 – 25 ;
    dec251012 – 15 ;
    Z3YH23XF8P – 5 ;
    10ptsmobile – 10 ;
    FM39V03SSW – 5 ;

  4. i bought these DVDs and these are the codes:

    2V4WIWX8LUG – 100
    6PNW6WX6GVXR – 100
    DDMN6KX4PH7 – 75
    FNT7PPCXTR6 – 75
    766UBAHNY4H – 100

    hope that they still work

    ps. share your codes please

  5. Thanks it really worked!

  6. David your codes are already used, they don’t work.

  7. Here are some codes i GUARANTEE to work!

    5 Points Code: FM39V03SSW

    25 Points Code: FPSNN83JX9

    50 Points Code: 9FTMRYWEK

    50 Points Code: 9EKSMN38SH

    Can only be used once on 1 acc
    Total Points: 130

  8. here is a code-
    ky2vf1eos1u = 100 pts

  9. Fred Nethyl | January 6, 2011 at 6:02 am |

    Tim, they don’t work as of Dec 27th at 10 am, David yours were reported as used, Erich on Jan 1st I tried all of those NONE of them worked…My account got blocked and before I got BANNED (Your codes were ALL already used) I WAS up to 15,698 points…THANKS A LOT JERK! Disney and company is looking in to your little scam because it seems that when WE put in the points OURS gets siphoned into ANOTHER account somewhere….Hmmmm could it be Erich’s?? Careful people…Disney/ has been looking for this person(s) for a few years now!
    Hey Erich…Heres a code for you… IMGOINGTOGETSUED

  10. Hello :

    This is a new bonus code that will give you 25 points:

    Chihuahua- 25 points

    Works today january 06 2011

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