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  1. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I am trying to give a compliment to an associate in store 3840 in Beaver Creek Oregon. My sister and I stopped there for a short visit, which turned out to be longer than we had expected. To my distress I arrived back at my car without my car keys. I went back inside to the customer service desk to ask if anyone had turned in any keys. The associate Leona ask me to identify them, and when I did she informed me that a customer had come in and told her there were some keys left in the door of a car in the parking lot. She then got a description of the car and went out and got the keys to prevent someone from stealing my car. She returned them to me after I had described them. I would like to let you know how great that was for me.

  2. i wanted to get my green dot card working for the first time. i just got it today and wanted to avicated it and dont know how ,can u help me so i can use it ,plus after 1:00 u cant do it only for a cerent time thats dumb you should be able to hook it up any time .

  3. One my receipt it said ‘”Tell us how we did today by completing our online survey at ‘’ When I filled out the personal information, it connected me to ‘’ & did not indicate anywhere that I can see to complete any survey on my shopping experience. Is there something that I am missing. I already belong to ‘Ipsos i-Say’, so where is the survey I fill out about my shopping experience at Canadian Tire?

  4. james gardner | March 20, 2011 at 12:31 pm |

    your website makes it very difficult to report a problem
    on 3/19/11 i received knight and day
    the dvd stopped at least 15 times and then produced a
    veery loud electronic crash in my soud system and then
    it froze. i am asking that you ship another copy immediately
    and not wait to get the return in the mail. please acknowledge
    receipt of this complaint to my email. very disappointing.

  5. Your website makes it very difficult to find anything! But I want to know why you do not have large print menu in the resturant?? I have to read it to my husband and with all the colors and the huge size and three to four different huge cardboards’ it takes forever to wade thru. unhappy customer Ethel from MN

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