Bell and Howell Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight is one of the most useful devices for people to have at hand, for convenience and in case of emergency. Ordinary flashlights aren’t thought of until they’re needed and this can be in anytime anyday, such as when lights went off or walking through dark areas. The Tactical Flashlight  share this properties such as unbreakable, cant fall apart and will still work when dropped in the water or when froze in the ice.



The Bell and Howell Tac Light  is designed to meet high-level performance. As result of this, the Tac Light is used in law enforcement agencies, fire departments and also in the military. Yet again, the Tac Light is small and light enough for use in our various homes. It is said to be 22 times brighter than the normal flashlights. It is also claim that the Tac Light has a better delivery of light given that it is coming from a compact, lightweight package.

Features of Bell+Howell Tac Light

  • Bright Mode
  • Low Light Mode
  • Strobe Mode
  • Sos Mode
  • Zoom Function


  • Convenient

The Tac Light is small enough to be carried in a purse, in a briefcase or to keep in a car’s trunk, center console.

  • Multiple Uses

The Tac Light is not only used for lighting, it can be put in several “modes” for different uses.

  • Warranty

The product comes with a lifetime guarantee from Bell Howell.

  • Easy to Hold

To make the light easy to use, a grip is designed on the flashlight. It comes with a curling surface to prevent the light from dropping as well as a strike right to enable the user hold the light firmly.

Product Assurance

The Tac Light is very strong that it assures to work when frozen in ice, and even when being placed in boiling water. Furthermore, Tac Light also claims to be 22 times brighter than the regular flashlights, capable of being seen from up to two nautical miles away, and its bulb will last up to 100,000 hours!


Tac Light is well-constructed and provides a bright light, similar to what you see in the television advertising. The Tac Light seems to be the only tactical flashlight available that offers almost all the different modes of lights, such as Strobe Mode and SOS Mode. Depending on what the user wants to use the Tac Light for, the Tac Light may be the better deal as a result of its versatility.

How to Order Bell and Howell Tac Light:

You can order for the Bell and Howell Tac Light through Amazon, Walmart, or even call 1-800-671-6234 and enjoy free shipping.