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HotBuzz4U.com is a personal blog devoted to providing the latest in-store coupons & offers, online promo codes, discounts & deals, freebies & rewards, sweepstakes and other more. It also can help you get the popular consumer information in first time.

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5 Comments on "About Us"

  1. John Childs | January 2, 2013 at 5:25 am |

    tried to enter 500 gift card contest
    BUT your form wont accept my phone number
    have had the same phone number for over 40 years

  2. marilyn perez | January 3, 2013 at 6:16 pm |

    I bought luggage and some stuffs but i forgot to bring my rewards with me. How can i add my points to my reward card? Can i do it thru websites?

    Thank you,


  3. george a powell sr | January 11, 2014 at 9:08 am |

    I order the 50ft flex hose buy one get one free. I order it on the 1st of jan I use my visa card 49 dolllars whats the hold up my address is 1825 kenview rd columbus ohio 43209

  4. Hello Lowes: I am fed up trying to complete your various surveys, etc. simply to receive your “10% discount on my next purchase at Lowes.” You have everything now but my shoe size in your various long winded questionnaires…and I still have no coupon. Home Depot is right next door…and easy to shop at. … coupon or no coupon. Ken

  5. My Name is Robert and I live in Southern California. I recently took a job with one of your best customers, Langston Companies Inc. I received a check for $657.09 written on your paper from a business customer with thousands of dollars in the account. I took the check to Memphis Main, my teller was ZAC. I gave Zac my drivers licence and the check and wanted to cash it. After giving Zac my finger print he charged me $9.86 just to cash the check. Zac explained that if I had an account there would be no charge. I FEEL LIKE YOUR BANK TOOK ADVANTAGE UNNECESSARILY BY TAKING MONEY FROM A VISITOR TO YOUR CITY. When I asked Zac for a receipt, he said no! After reasoning with his common since, he printed me a receipt. I was eager to let everyone I met at Langston about the poor service First Tennessee provides.

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