10 Most Incredible Water Festivals You Need To Attend

The reason why there are thousands and millions of people who are keening in travelling around the world is that, by doing so it can lead you to various new things and incredible experiences. Water Festivals, the way of celebrating a brand new year’s arrival, take place in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos as well as China. However, numerous westerners are having fun with this way too.

  1. Thailand Songkran Water Festival


Songkran Water Festival, the most popular festival in Thailand and the most well-known festival of Thailand that almost everyone outside the country knows about, takes place every year in Thailand on 13 April, the hottest time of the year. It is the traditional way of celebrating The New Year’s coming, Thai people always go back to their hometown to meet the elders.

When: Mid-April

Where: Thailand

Why to Go: it is an extraordinary festival that only few countries celebrate every year; a great chance to be smashed with water by everyone even by every Thai elephant you met on the way.