5 Best Vacation Beaches in the World

Relaxing on the beach is one of life’s great pleasures; feeling the warmth of the sun as it reaches your skin, the mild sand in between your toes and hearing the gentle wave of the sea as it laps against the shore. So we have compiled 5 best beaches in the world, we feel it would be a great retreat for families going for holidays or vacations.

  1. Olu Deniz – Turkey


No doubt, Olu Deniz is one of Turkey’s most frequented beaches. During peak season it can be very populated, but the special topography of this magical little sandy peninsula means you can spot a hidden bit of shade under the trees from swimming breaks.

With its mile-long curl of beautiful sight of sand and pebbles leading up to the lagoon, Olu Deniz is surrounded by a promenade that’s packed with amazing local restaurants and places to eat and drink. These places have enhanced the development of Olu Deniz to significant standards.

What makes it extra fascinating? Oludeniz is great location for paragliding with its breathtaking views of the landscape of rolling mountains very close to the beach.